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The Next Step

Shintotsukawa, Japan

A museum in Hokkaido, Japan is housed in a former high school and on its grounds a marker shares the awakening of a man who longs to be reunited with his soulmate.  


Created by Geographer-at-Large Eames Demetrios, Kcymaerxthaere is a “parallel universe that intersects with much of our linear Earth, but with different stories, creatures, peoples, even laws of physics and qualities of existence.”  It has been likened to a novel with every page in a different place. What makes the Kcymaerxthaere project particularly interesting is that Demetrios installs informative markers and historical sites at the locations in our world that connect to his world, creating real world intersections with his imagined universe. For the months of August and September, 2014, Demetrios acted as our first ever Geographer-in-Residence and his Kcymaerxthaere locations continue to be featured all over the Atlas. To learn more see our introductory article here

In the worlds of Kcymaerxthaere, few stories are as famous as the story of the clan of Nobunaga, and one generation’s journey began to near its conclusion here, outside what is, in the linear world, Kazenobi, the Museum of the Wind.  

The museum dedicated to internationally known and locally born artist, Takenobu Igarashi, who permitted a key piece of the Nobunaga story to be told here.

As Nobunaga-Ventreven traveled through the air and ferylemt in the chaos and confusion that from the catacysmic explosion that ended the Battle of Some Times, Nobunaga-Ventreven was sure Mlates gi Dunhuira, his losaana (the cognate word for the one you will be with forever), would be near at hand. He was not surprised by the daunting trajectory caused by the explosion since he had gone to the Faltese (the scene of the fighting) precisely to rescue her from Kmpass, the Urgend God of Directionality, who always wants to make the world too simple.

But when he landed here and recovered from the impact, he looked around and realized he was very much alone.  And recent events and choices began to come back to him. He had forgotten the most elementary commitment of anyone in the xthaere (but particularly a warrior who had turned the tide of a battle that comes along but once in a generation of generations), which was to keep every promise, no matter how minor it seemed. And Nobunaga-Ventreven’s weapon of choice, the beauty of the singer Eliala Mei-Ning’s voice, had been decisive in the conflict. As a result, they had one more epic challenge before them.

Know Before You Go

Kazenobi (Museum of the wind) This site is covered with snow throughout the harsh Hokkaido winter. Otherwise it is accessible any time the grounds of Kazenobi are open

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