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The Stone Graves Of Heysham

These ancient rock graves were featured on the cover of a Black Sabbath compilation album. 


Near St Patrick’s Chapel in Heysham, Lancashire reside six rock-cut graves believed to be some of the earliest examples of Christian burials in the country. Likely constructed in the 11th-century, each grave is carved from solid rock and because a large number of bones were found, it is thought that these graves acted as a reliquery and were reserved for the privileged, including what seems to be one child.

Due to the Northern weather, the deep graves are often filled with water. There are six graves in total, four of which are clearly body shaped. There are also holes at the head of each grave where a wooden cross would probably have stood.

These graves were featured on Black Sabbath’s album cover for  “The Best Of Black Sabbath.”

Know Before You Go

Very close to the Poet Philosopher & Failure' Gravestone. From St. Peter's continue in a southernly direction, the graves are located on an outcropping overlooking the water, a few yards away. Note that the ground surrounding the the tombs is uneven and unpaved, Heysham is a small village and parking may be an issue.

One will find remains of the old church in the vicinity.  there is a path that connects the two burial grounds, but it is only for the fit and adventurous.

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