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New York, New York

The Troll Museum

Reverend Jen's unique museum/living room showcases her troll collection. 

In a sixth floor walk-up in New York City’s Lower East Side, a woman in elf ears named Reverend Jen, along with her pet chihuahua, Reverend Jen Jr., give a guided tour of a unique collection of vintage trolls and troll memorabilia.

Admission is free, however, there is a piggy bank with a sign on it that reads, “Suggested donation: $3,000.” Be sure to call (212-560-7235) the museum’s self-proclaimed “trollologist” beforehand; visits are by appointment only.

Know Before You Go

Reverend Jen's Troll Museum and Reverend Jen herself have recently been evicted from this location. Besides a recent pop-up exhibit at Chinatown Soup, the collection will remain in storage until a new location is announced.

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