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Formerum, Netherlands

Pull up and have a drink at a museum filled with hundreds of years worth of shipwreck artifacts. 


Located on a Netherlands island that is noted for the number of shipwrecks lying off its shore, it is no wonder that the Wrakkenmuseum (Wreck Museum), has such a varied and extensive collection of lost artifacts and flotsam. 

Located on the property of diver and salvager Hille van Dieren, the Wreck Museum is part bar and part sea junk repository. The owner and proprietor of the Wreck Museum has been collecting bits and bobs from around the shores of Terschelling Island since 1975. In the course of his salvage, van Dieren has been able to collect thousands of items ranging from antique diving helmets to random ship parts to dishes and cutlery. There are also torpedoes, plastic toys, divers’ suits, and on and on in the cacophonous collection.

The artifacts in the collection come from around 150 different shipwrecks, some dating back as far as 1650, mixed with items from more modern craft.

The whole museum is held inside an authentic local farmhouse dating back to 1859, and in the back it has a large yard with more buoys and such. It also has a deck in front where you can enjoy a drink as well. If you didn’t want to leave it all behind to become a salty Netherlands beachcomber before visiting the Wrakkenmuseum, don’t be surprised if you do by the time you leave.

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July 8, 2015

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