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In many of Greene's images, including this one from 1853 or 1854, it's hard to puzzle out a sense of scale.

The Strange Emptiness of Egypt in 19th-Century European Photographs

John Beasley Greene photographed early European archaeology in Egypt—but he paid little attention to those who lived there.
Researchers analyzed ancient DNA from ibis mummies, millions of which have been found in Egyptian catacombs.

Ancient Egypt’s Ibis Mummies Were Probably Not Raised in Giant Sacred Ranches

Genetic research suggests a more local solution to meet demand.
The five-legged, three-tailed cat in question.

This Five-Legged Cat Mummy Is Not as Strange as It Seems

A recently scanned cat mummy was probably not a scam, but the remains of animals that died on a sacred site.
The researchers detected arsenic, lead, and antimony in the yellow paint—meaning it was more than just orpiment.

Found: Surprisingly Modern Paint on an Ancient Egyptian Gate

How did a pigment that Vermeer used in the 1600s wind up on Egyptian art from the 6th century BC?
On the left, a musician wears an unguent cone.

Researchers Concocted an Ancient Egyptian Perfume Perhaps Worn by Cleopatra

One archaeologist describes the spicy, musky scent as "the Chanel No. 5 of ancient Egypt."
Farmers still use the same techniques developed 2,000 years ago.

The Egyptian Egg Ovens Considered More Wondrous Than the Pyramids

A hatching system devised 2,000 years ago is still in use in rural Egypt.

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