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Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Railroad Historical Society

Volunteers spent years restoring a vintage steam locomotive to operating condition.
Asahikawa, Japan

Kamuy Kotan

The various potholes in this region are said to be the footprints of the evil Ninekamuy.
Annapolis, Maryland

'The Walking Man'

A touching tribute to a local hero who made sure his neighborhood stayed clean.
Bimbia, Cameroon

The Slave Port of Bimbia

Buried deep in the forest near Limbe, this little known slave port became the point of no return for 10 percent of enslaved Africans.
Winnemucca, Nevada

Tobin Range (Pearce) Scarps

The strongest earthquake in Nevada's recorded history left these spectacular breaks along the west front of a range in central Nevada.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Lindner Park and Nature Preserve

Historical structures and natural wonders await visitors to this preserve.
Hiko, Nevada

Mount Irish Extraterrestrial Petroglyph Site

Many believe these images represent interstellar lifeforms.
Vienna, Austria

Wien Museum Hermesvilla

A gift from Emperor Franz Joseph I to his wife.
Newport News, Virginia

Army Transportation Museum Foundation

A collection of vehicles across American military history.
Pune, India

Narayan Darwaja

One of the five gates into the fortress of to Shaniwar Wada was renamed to commemorate the 10th Peshwa of the Maratha Empire.
Weligama, Sri Lanka

Kushtarajagala Statue

Does this 10-foot-tall statue carved into a rock face depict a king afflicted by a skin condition or a Buddhist figure?
New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery

A building that was once a general store, a speakeasy, and a newspaper office now holds a small gallery filled with New Orleans photography.
Isnäs, Finland

Rönnäs Archipelago Museum

Home to the finest collection of peasant boats in Finland.
Santa Barbara, California

'Wall of Frogs'

A unique local art exhibit that has continued to grow since 1989.
Dundee, Scotland

'Ring O' Roses'

Each section of this public work of art represents one of the city's guilds.
Duluth, Minnesota

Grave of the Last Surviving Union Soldier

It's believed the soldier was 109 years old when he passed away.
Dresden, Germany

Elbehochwasser 2002 Memorial

A monument dedicated to a 2002 flood that hit Dresden.
Pembroke, Maine

Reversing Hall Agrarian Library

An agricultural research library housed in a former Odd Fellows Lodge.
Towaoc, Colorado

Ute Mountain Tribal Park

Ute tour guides have been sharing the ancient dwellings and rock art inside this large park with visitors for more than 40 years.
Park Hills, Missouri

Missouri Mines State Historic Site

Rusted and decayed, this former mining site is a portal to the past.
Scott City, Kansas

Keystone Gallery

Home to fossils and other specimens from the Western Interior Seaway.
Knights Ferry, California

Knights Ferry Covered Bridge

The longest covered bridge west of the Mississippi River.
Dunure, Scotland

Dunure Castle

Now in ruins, this castle stood for centuries and saw a number of gruesome events.
Hartford, Connecticut

Statue of Rover

A tribute to the truly loyal dog who waited outside a hospital for his owner to come back.