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Paphos, Cyprus

Basilica of Panagia Limeniotissa

The ruins of a fifth-century church dedicated to Our Lady of the Harbor.
Paphos, Cyprus

St. Paul's Pillar

Legend holds that St. Paul was flogged for preaching Christianity at this pillar.
Nice, France

L'Ange de la Baie

A memorial to honor those who were killed in a Bastille Day terror attack in Nice.
Crawford, Scotland

Crawford Castle

These crumbling ruins are all that's left of the ancestral home of Clan Crawford.
Belgrade, Serbia

We Were Just Children

Memorial to the 89 children killed during the NATO bombing of Serbia.
Nice, France

Fontaine du Soleil (The Sun Fountain)

This saucy statue once caused outrage among locals.
Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Milestone

This small bronze pyramid marks the center of Belgrade, but some say it is a Masonic symbol.
Belgrade, Serbia

The Why? Memorial

A NATO bombing took the lives of 16 civilians in 1999—the ruins remain in the center of Belgrade.
Bucharest, Romania

Monument to the Heroes of the Air

This sculpture used famed boxer Joe Louis as the inspiration behind its body.
Cumbernauld, Scotland

The Carrick Stone

An ancient Roman altar named after Robert the Bruce.
Bangkok, Thailand

Golden Buddha of Wat Traimit

This enormous gold Buddha statue was hidden inside a stucco decoy for centuries.
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Les Laboirs

Healing waters from a holy well, previously used by locals for doing laundry.
Bangkok, Thailand

City Pillar Shrine

The pillars inside this small, ornate shrine hold Bangkok's horoscope within them.
Riga, Latvia

Remembrance Memorial to the Victims of the Soviet Occupation

With a design inspired by traditional Latvian textiles, this monument honors the Latvian people who suffered under Soviet occupation.
Lennel, Scotland

Lennel Kirk

This Norman church survived the Reformation before suffering 300 years of neglect.
Riga, Latvia

Monument to the Latvian Riflemen

A statue built to honor the elite soldiers who fought for Latvia during World War I.
Riga, Latvia

Great Choral Synagogue Memorial

A monument to the grand synagogue that stood in this space before Nazis burned it down.
Stavanger, Norway

Path of Peace

An opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Nobel Peace Prize winners.
Stavanger, Norway

'Broken Column'

An art project designed to encourage people to explore and investigate their surroundings more closely
Hutton Mulgrave, England

Foss Castle

Almost nothing but earthworks remain of this long-lost castle.
Luxembourg, Luxembourg


This small chapel built into rock is the oldest place of worship in Luxembourg.
Tallinn, Estonia

'Broken Line' Memorial

A monument commemorating the 852 lives lost in the sinking of the MS Estonia.
Stavanger, Norway

Valberget Utsiktspunkt

In a city of wooden houses, this watchtower was vital for early fire detection.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

National Holocaust Monument

The mirrored section takes the shape of Hebrew characters when viewed from above.