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Moscow, Russia

Hotel Ukraina

The tallest hotel in Europe.
Moscow, Russia

Peter the Great Statue

One of the world's tallest statues is also one of its most hated.
Moscow, Russia

Red Gates skyscraper

Stalinist skyscraper built with help of cryotechnology.
Moscow, Russia

Moscow Metro Stations

The gorgeous entrances into the city's underbelly look more like grand halls than subway stops.

Gergeti Trinity Church

Take respite inside this jaw-dropping church while climbing the volcano where Georgia's Prometheus was once chained.
Stepanakert, Azerbaijan

We Are Our Mountains

This striking icon of the Republic of Artsakh micronation caused a stir at a Eurovision Song Contest.
Cairo, Egypt

Cairo’s Garbage City

Slum Settlement Filled With Mountains of Garbage.
Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar's Night Market

After sunset the heart of Zanzibar's historic Stone Town neighborhood transforms into a culinary playground.
Zanzibar, Tanzania

The House of Wonders

In Zanzibar, a historic 19th-century palace is a reminder of the world's shortest war.
Paynesville, Liberia

Paynesville Omega Tower

The dead gigantic radio tower of Liberia.
Chefchaouen, Morocco


Founded as a refugee camp, now a popular tourist spot.
Tétouan, Morocco

Medina of Tétouan

At this faithfully preserved medina off the Moroccan tourist circuit you can walk through six centuries of history in one day.