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Bled, Slovenia

Bled Island Potica

On a small Slovenian island, diners can mix and match a classic cake into dozens of sweet and savory flavor combinations.
Postojna, Slovenia


The "dragon babies" of southeastern Europe.
Hrastovlje, Slovenia

Danse Macabre of Hrastovlje

The walls of this medieval church are covered with perfectly preserved frescos, including a pristine example of the Dance of Death.
Rotterdam, Netherlands

New Ocean Paradise

A condensed piece of China floating in a Dutch harbor.
Lund, Sweden

Meridianen för den Akademiska Kvarten (Meridian for the Academic Quarter)

The marker that allows students all over the world to be late for class.
Kungsbacka, Sweden

Li Grave Stones

Iron Age grave stones and Viking burials, a short drive from Gothenburg.
Copenhagen, Denmark

Heisenberg's Bathtub

Did he come up with a theory of cosmic-ray showers while sitting in this bath?
Copenhagen, Denmark

Cirkelbroen (The Circle Bridge)

This bridge's unique architecture honors nautical heritage and encourages self-awareness.
Rozendaal, Netherlands

Castle Rosendael

A late-medieval Dutch castle with trick fountains in its whimsical water gardens.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Café Papeneiland

Famed for its pie, this eatery has a hidden tunnel that allowed Catholics to secretly walk to church during the Reformation.
Amsterdam, Netherlands


The world's first zoo for microbes collecting the horrible and wonderful things living on and around us.
Risskov, Denmark

Aarhus Hjernesamlingen (Aarhus Brain Collection)

Over 9,000 brains collected between 1945 and 1982 demonstrate the results of untreated mental illness.