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Rifled cannons.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

McNab's Island

This Canadian island is a veritable garden of decay with countless abandoned structures dotting the landscape.
44.6000, -63.5167
The devastated north end of Halifax
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax Explosion Memorial

The city of Halifax still bears the scars of the largest explosion prior to the atomic bomb.
44.6658, -63.6012
Maud Lewis' Painted House
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Maud Lewis' Painted House

This tiny abode has been covered in the art of the little old lady who made her life and living there.
44.6480, -63.5728
Mortuary Bag No. 41
Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Titanic Mortuary Bag at The Maritime Museum of The Atlantic

A morbid piece of memorabilia from the most famous shipwreck in current history is just one of the many poignant artifacts in this Canadian collection.
44.6413, -63.5682
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Fairview Lawn Cemetery

The final resting place of 121 victims of the RMS Titanic, 42 of which may never be identified.
44.6610, -63.6214
The view from Dover Island, looking towards the coast.
West Dover, Nova Scotia

Dover Island, Nova Scotia

Eastern Canada's ocean playground.
44.4826, -63.8675
Aerial view of digs on Oak Island in 1931
Western Shore, Nova Scotia

Oak Island Money Pit

Hunt for buried treasure in Nova Scotia.
44.5123, -64.2949
The Cyrus Eaton House,. Pugwash, Nova Scotia
Pugwash, Nova Scotia

Thinker's Lodge in Pugwash, Nova Scotia

A rustic house where intellectuals and investors tried to put an end to Cold War nuclear armament.
45.8600, -63.6629
Bell's personal photograph of Mabel.
Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site

This Canadian monument to the man who invented the telephone allows visitors to get up close and personal with the artifacts of his life.
46.1034, -60.7465
Army drills in front of the Crown Hotel. Designed by W.C. Harris, architect, this was meant to be the working man's hotel. It was less luxurious but still far above most hotels of the day. In 1916 the 185th Battalion was stationed at Broughton. The town had been deserted, but had fine quarters for the military: officers and the hospital were in the Broughton Arms; the non-commisioned officers at The Crown Hotel; and the enlisted men in the forty-three cottages that had been built for miners.
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Broughton, Nova Scotia

The remains of an attempt to carve a thriving metropolis from the forest, and once home to the first revolving door in North America.
46.0826, -59.9720
Joe's whole gang.
Saint Joseph du Moine, Nova Scotia

Joe's Scarecrow Village

Cape Breton landmark filled with recognizable faces.
46.4983, -61.0743
Teti'aroa Atoll
French Polynesia

Teti'aroa Atoll

This beautiful eden was once the vacation home of Tahitian royals before Marlon Brando bought it.
-17.0000, -149.5500