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Introducing Season One, the first installment of this unforgettable journey.

Season one of Atlas Obscura VR allows you to explore three incredible episodes, each with over 15 minutes of self-paced interactivity and hundreds of secrets to explore and unlock. Harnessing the latest virtual reality capture tools and using genre-defining interactive storytelling techniques, Atlas Obscura VR features incredible imagery, fascinating stories and hidden interactive gems that will transport you to some of the most amazing locations in the world.

Temples of Damanhur: Ep.1

Enter the mysterious Alps of Italy where a secret commune of people have been living for over 40 years. Meet these spiritual dwellers as they guide you through a maze of underground Temples. Learn about reality bending technology, collect hidden treasures or teach plants to sing, this location will immerse you in an world of colour and perceptions of reality. Download now from the Oculus Gear VR App Store.


The Salt Mines of
Salina Turda: Ep.2

Venture deep underground to an ancient mine which has origins tracing back to the year 1070 and may be as old as salt mining itself. Shout echo’s through cave-like chambers, float on an underground lake and marvel at the archaic designs of generations past. Discover hidden stories and relics from the miners who burrowed there thousands of years ago. Download now from the Oculus Gear VR App Store.

Winchester House of
Mystery: Ep.3

This location has been pivotal in America’s history and culture. Filled with relics and haunting tales of love, loss and eccentricities from the late 1800’s. With secret doors and hidden passages, lush gardens and lavish decor you’ll venture into America’s most mysterious mansion. You may just spot the ghostly figure of whom was once the worlds wealthiest woman. Download now from the Oculus Gear VR App Store.


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Unlock over 50 fascinating story vignettes as re-told and voiced by Atlas Obscura’s co-founder Dylan Thuras

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Meet Your Hosts

After launching a website and the best-selling book, it was only natural that the next step for Atlas Obscura would be taking you to these amazing places in Virtual Reality, so Atlas Obscura VR was born. Let your hosts Atlas Obscura founder, Dylan Thuras,  and Senior Editor, Ella Morton, take you on a guided tour of the incredible locations within Atlas Obscura VR.


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Atlas Obscura VR is only available on the Samsung Gear VR. With 360 degree panoramic views the Gear VR allows you to immerse yourself fully in the Atlas Obscura virtual world. Featuring a wide field of view, precise head-tracking and low latency, the Gear VR allows exploration through the use of simple head movements which are broadcast on its crystal clear display.

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