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Winkel, Netherlands

Kremlin of the Netherlands

This miniature take on the Kremlin is one Dutch man's retirement project
02 Oct 2015
Ljubljana, Slovenia


This abandoned Slovenian military barracks has become a punky-political art squat
09 Jul 2015
Plano, Illinois

The Farnsworth House

Tour the luxe "glass cage" that inspired and unnerved the architecture world upon its debut
11 Jun 2015

Hôtel de Glace

Chilly Canadian hotel has a four-month lifespan due to the unusual "materials" it's made of
27 Jan 2015
North Pole, Alaska

Santa Claus House

Trading post in North Pole where children send letters
25 Dec 2014
Haerbin, China

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

One of the world's largest ice festivals dazzles visitors for over a month with radiant sculptures and carvings
25 Dec 2014
Cody, Wyoming

Smith Mansion

One man's ambition created this psychedelic log home
02 Dec 2014
Nice, France

La Tete Carrée Library

This massive blockhead sculpture hides an entire library
02 Dec 2014
Yerevan, Armenia

Levon's Divine Underground

She asked for a potato cellar and over the next 23 years he gave her a network of holy caves
06 Nov 2014
Memphis, Tennessee

The Crystal Shrine Grotto

This head-spinningly bizarre Depression-era art cave is wall-to-wall quartz and Jesus
03 Nov 2014
Hillsborough, California

The Flintstone House

A burnt orange monolithic dome structure perched on a hillside near Interstate 280
03 Nov 2014
Bomarzo, Italy

The Monsters of Bomarzo

A 16th-century horror show built in a lovely Italian garden
31 Oct 2014
Austin, Texas

Sparky Park

A former electrical substation is now home to an eccentric junk art masterpiece
03 Sep 2014
Pioneertown, California

Pappy and Harriet's Pioneertown Palace

Weary travelers trekking through Joshua Tree have a music-filled, booze-soaked oasis to land before continuing through the desert
26 Jun 2014
San Diego, California

San Diego Museum of Man

An extraordinarily ornate museum in San Diego holds wondrous anthropological treasures
24 Jun 2014
Poulsbo, Washington

"Little Norway on the Fjord"

The small town of Poulsbo in Washington state is the next best thing to the Kingdom of Norway
24 Jun 2014
Marion County, Georgia


This folk art compound was built by a fortune teller on the advice of three people from the future
13 Jun 2014
San Diego, California

1895 Looff Carousel

One of the few remaining carousels built by master amusement park carver Charles I.D. Looff
06 Jun 2014
Seale, Alabama

The Museum Of Wonder

A former taxidermist has turned his old shop into a folk art mecca
02 Apr 2014
Ubud, Indonesia

Symon's Art Zoo

Exotic, erotic, and esoteric, one artist's live-in Bali gallery brings a splash of color and madness to its surroundings
01 Apr 2014
Black Mountain, North Carolina

Shangri-La Stone Village

A retired tobacco farmer's pet project turned into a sturdy miniature city
18 Mar 2014
Inverness, Scotland

Ship Space

The Titanic sails again in one Scotland man's backyard
11 Mar 2014
Bowman, South Carolina

UFO Welcome Center

This set of rickety spaceships is prepared to give alien travelers a place to relax and go to the bathroom
06 Mar 2014
Nantun District, Taiwan

Rainbow Family Village

Grandpa Rainbow felt the neighborhood needed some color, so he picked up a paintbrush and went to work
14 Feb 2014
Herefordshire, England

Medieval Erotic Carvings at the Church of St Mary and St David

Beasts and branches swirl in sandstone carvings, interrupted by one strange creature
30 Jan 2014
Akureyri, Iceland

Santa's Icelandic Workshop

Iceland: home to volcanoes, waterfalls and, apparently, Santa?
24 Dec 2013
Topanga, California

Hidden Treasures

An unreal vintage shop that wears its dadaist influence on its zombie fish
18 Dec 2013

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