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Hidden Los Angeles

Discover 145 Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Los Angeles, California

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Jun 3

Chatsworth, California

Vegan Food Factory

Discover how vegan mayonnaise is made on this exclusive factory tour of Follow Your Heart Restaurant.
The Gamble House
Jun 3

Pasadena, California

Extraordinary Estates

Explore two eccentric homes on 'Millionaire's Row' in Pasadena: the Gamble House & the Fenyes Mansion.
Jun 4

Seal Beach

Sea Turtle Trek

Hike along the San Gabriel River in search of LA County's resident sea turtle colony.
Jun 11

Los Angeles, California

Secret Japanese Village

Step inside the private collection of fashion designer Peter Lai.
Angels Gate Lighthouse
Jun 17

San Pedro

Voyage to Angel's Gate Lighthouse

This lovely Romanesque tower has guarded the Port of Los Angeles since 1913.
courtesy of Science Friday
Jun 20

Los Angeles

Cephalopod Movie Night with Science Friday

Celebrate Cephalopod Week with an immersion into the underwater world of these strange tentacled creatures at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater.
Our Hosts: Mike Caveney and Tina Lenert
Jun 21

Pasadena, California

Egyptian Hall Museum

A guided visit through this fascinating collection of the oldest private magic museum in America.
A photochrom postcard published by the Detroit Photographic Company
Jun 24

Los Angeles, California

The Lost and Long-Gone Graveyards of Los Angeles

Join writer and Field Agent Hadley Meares as we tour the sites of LA's forgotten burial grounds.
Jun 25

Los Angeles, California

Far East LA: Exploring Chinatown

Venture into the history, culture, and kitsch of LA’s Chinatown.
60-inch telescope
Jul 1


60-Inch Telescope

Step into the darkness for an evening of planets, globular clusters, planetary nebulae, and colorful double stars at the Mt. Wilson Observatory.
Old LA Zoo
Jul 8

Los Angeles, California

Abandoned Zoo Ruins

Roam the grounds of LA's old zoo, former home of Ivan the Terrible.
Palisades and Movie Colony, Santa Monica, Calif.
Jul 14

Santa Monica, California

Hollywood's First Hidden Getaway

Discover Santa Monica's scandalous past during a beachfront tour of the Gold Coast.

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