Düsseldorf, Germany


This futuristic German television spire is actually the world's largest digital clock
20 Aug 2014
Mexico City, Mexico

Cabeza de Juårez

This giant expressionist head crowns a museum devoted to a beloved Mexican leader
20 Aug 2014
Shetland Islands, Scotland


This picturesque archeological site looks like it was pulled straight from a fantasy novel
20 Aug 2014
Paris, France

La REcylcerie

This Parisian cafe bucks the usual trend of the area and sticks almost exclusively to an ethos of reuse
20 Aug 2014
Keene, United States

Parrish Shoes Sign

A remainder from the movie Jumanji has become a makeshift tribute to the film's late star
20 Aug 2014
Canale Monterano, Italy

The Ghost City of Monterano

The remains of a town so thoroughly destroyed by French forces that the citizens simply left
19 Aug 2014


Places of Pause in a City That Never Sleeps: NYC's Hidden Meditation Spots

by Shannon Moore Shepherd / 20 Aug 2014

Pausing on the NYC subway (photograph by Susan Sermoneta)

No one expects the intense velocity of New York City to stop for them. But human beings are known to short circuit without a moment of pause here and there to reflect. No matter your religious belief or method of practice, meditation can be an incredibly healing mind-body therapy. One just needs to find a place of their own to be still and breathe.

Maybe it is no surprise that a city notorious for never sleeping would also hold so many beautiful little tranquil spots of weary citizen asylum. But when millions of resourceful New Yorkers are seeking out a transcendental corner of their own, what aloneness can still be found out there? Here is a guide to finding secret, silent places of pause waiting for a contemplative soul to makes its way there for some solitude. 

Main Concourse, Barclays Center
620 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

screenshot from News12 Brooklyn

Tucked inside Brooklyn's giant sports and music arena constructed over an MTA rail yard, is a 150-square-foot lavender room with walls proclaiming “Love” and “Joy.” This is the meditation room of Barclay's Center, where there is mostly empty seating and always silence, so those seeking it can find the headspace they need and set some intentions before or after the game. 

346 Houston Street, betwwwn Avene C & D, East Village, Manhattan

photograph by Mat McDermott

This community garden hosts public art and culture events and celebrations, but it was created to offer a place of daily meditation to wandering souls of the East Village. Hours of le Petit Versailles in the East Village are 2 pm to 7 pm Thursday through Sunday. Enjoy all the botanical whimsy and creative landscaping on a breezy afternoon, and strings of twinkling lights in the evening. If you need inspiration, just soak up the history of social activism and art connected to the garden since its birth in 1996.