Hutchinson, Kansas


The only publicly accessible salt mine in America holds a wealth of geologic wonders and Hollywood costumes
07 Oct 2015
Fatih, Turkey

Bulgarian Iron Church

The most metal church of all time was built in record time because of an international, pious pissing contest
06 Oct 2015
Taga, Samoa

Alofaaga Blowholes

A site of natural wonder and flying coconuts in Samoa
06 Oct 2015
Zlēku pagasts, Latvia

Abavmuiza Cross Stone

The only things left in this abandoned Latvian graveyard are a mysterious stone and a ghost story
06 Oct 2015
Heath, Massachusetts

Burnt Hill Stone Circle

A mysterious collection of stones stand outside a small New England town
06 Oct 2015
Phoenix, Arizona

Curious Nature

In this small Phoenix taxidermy emporium, you can find everything from a squid in a jar to a freeze-dried toad
06 Oct 2015


The Silver Arrow, the Real Ghost Train Haunting the Stockholm Metro

by Eric Grundhauser / 07 Oct 2015


A tunnel in the Stockholm metro. (Photo: Jonas Bergsten/Wikipedia)

Fanciful legends about ghost trains regularly pop up around subway systems, rail tunnels, and abandoned tracks. But in the case of the Stockholm Metro, the ghost train is real.

The story of Stockholm’s poltergeist locomotive begins in 1965, according to Christoffer Sandahl, the director of Spårvägsmuseet, the Swedish Tramway Museum. That year, Stockholm Metro purchased eight unpainted aluminum train cars to add to its fleet. This bare aluminium train, which could be made more cheaply than the standard green ones already running on the metro, was mainly used as a test to see how it performed, the idea being that such trains could be a cost-effective option for the expanding urban transit system. 


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