Petite Nevis, Saint-Vincent et les Grenadines

Petit Nevis Whaling Station

This century old flensing port is a remnant of a culture for whom whaling is still legal
21 Aug 2014
Vagar, Norway

Lake Sørvágsvatn

The largest lake in the Faroe Islands seems to be held hundreds of feet above sea level thanks to an optical illusion
21 Aug 2014
Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

Tripitaka Koreana

Over 80,000 carved wood blocks make up one of the world's oldest intact Buddhist canons
21 Aug 2014
Lund, Sweden

Horologium mirabile Lundense

This Swedish astronomical clock was in storage for almost a century before its glorious workings were put on display once more
21 Aug 2014
London, England

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

The world's only shop catering to the needs of things that go bump in the night also helps kids become writers
21 Aug 2014
Shetland Islands, Scotland


This picturesque archeological site looks like it was pulled straight from a fantasy novel
20 Aug 2014
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On the Street with Saint Death in Tepito, Mexico

by Andrew Chesnut / 21 Aug 2014

article-imageSanta Muerte in Tepito (all photographs by Toni François)

The Santa Muerte rosary service held in Tepito, Mexico City's most notorious barrio, is the signature public ritual of the burgeoning cult of the skeleton saint.

On the first day of each month, thousands of devotees converge on tiny Alfareria street to participate in both the recitation of the rosary and the carnivalesque street scene that precedes the epic prayer to both the Virgin Mary and Saint Death. Many arrive hours in advance of the late afternoon service to claim a few feet of sidewalk space for their portable altars.

As seen in these photographs, the diversity of images of the Bony Lady is astounding, and gives testament to the creativity and dedication of devotees. True to the reputation of the barrio, the air is thick with an intoxicating mix of marijuana, tobacco, and glue, which is huffed by some of the teens. On the first of August, 2014, Mexican photographer Toni François and I teamed up and spent the afternoon at this, the most famous Santa Muerte shrine founded by cult pioneer, Enriqueta Romero, on Halloween, 2001.