Madison, Wisconsin

Lamp House

Hidden away in the city of Madison, Wisconsin is a nearly forgotten home that Frank Lloyd Wright built for a childhood friend
02 Mar 2015
Santa Monica, California

Chain Reaction

In one Santa Monica parking lot a mushroom cloud made of chains heralds a message of peace
02 Mar 2015
Gasadalur Village, Denmark

Gásadalur Village

This remote Denmark island village was in danger of depopulating completely until a tunnel was built to connect it to the rest of the world
02 Mar 2015
Taquile Island, Peru

Taquile Island

On this tiny spot of land in the middle of Lake Titicaca the only ones who do the knitting are the men
02 Mar 2015
Bellvei, Catalonia

Mas de la Muga

Hidden well off the beaten path in Catalonia is this crumbling medieval castle that is slowly being covered in graffiti
02 Mar 2015
Newhalem, Washington

Temple of Power

This sci-fi gazebo located in a Washington power town is made from old bits of industrial electrical equipment
02 Mar 2015


Unconventional Foraging

by Stacy Dacheux / 02 Mar 2015

article-imageAcorn (Photo by Manuel QC on Flickr)

“Outside the DMV I see these Mediterranean oaks or holly oaks just dumping acorns,” Joel Robinson tells me. “Dried perfectly. So, I’m in the parking lot stuffing my pockets full.”

Robinson is the director and head naturalist of Naturalist For You, based in Southern California, and he’s no stranger to acorn collecting. “It’s one of the most nutritious foods” he continues. “As they lose moisture, the nut shrinks, detaches from its shell, and kills weevils. You can shell it with a rock. The nuts are the size of an almond or bigger which you then pound into a meal and soak in clean cold water for at least a half hour to leech out the tannic acid.”

Acorn shelling with a group of friends is preferable. Robinson continues, “Community is the driving force at this point. If we can all see that we are one giant organized community, then we can all understand how the ecosystem works-- we can learn how to live in a harmonious way.”

So, how frequently does he return to the DMV for those acorns?


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