Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Genius River Bridge

One Costa Rican island is so beset by illegal shark poachers that the local rangers have built an entire bridge with their confiscated gear
31 Oct 2014
Enterprise, Utah

Mountain Meadows Massacre Memorial

A stoic rock cairn is all that remains to remember one of the more brutal instances of frontier treachery in American history
31 Oct 2014
Wellington, New Zealand

Wrights Hill Fortress

Anyone wanting to know what a dwarven mine sounds like need only visit the tunnels of this New Zealand artillery compound
31 Oct 2014
Novara, Italy

The Ossuary of Bicocca

This Italian pyramid is said to hold the mingled remains of the dead from both sides of the Battle of Novara
31 Oct 2014
Venice, Italy

San Giorgio in Alga

This abandoned island off the Venetian coast has been a radical monastery, a political prison, and a secret Nazi base
31 Oct 2014
Hunstville , Alabama

The Grave of Miss Baker

Bananas are often left at the gravestone of the first monkey America ever recovered alive after being launched into space
31 Oct 2014
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