Coolin, Idaho

Eightmile Island

This historic Idaho island is home to a strange timeshare museum, a homemade mini-golf course, and an outhouse named Aunt Fanny
06 Mar 2015
Sint-Truiden, Belgium

Castle Nieuwenhoven

This Belgian palace was long the domain of priests and aristocrats but is now being turned into an art commune
06 Mar 2015
Paracas, Peru

Paracas Candelabra

The mysterious "Candelabra of the Andes" could represent anything from a god's trident to a hallucinogenic plant
06 Mar 2015
Seattle, Washington

Nevertold Casket Company

This Seattle curio shop collects and sells haunted items in order to spread wonder one grim artifact at a time
06 Mar 2015
Reykjavik, Iceland

Whales of Iceland

Iceland is home to the largest whale museum in Europe which allows visitors to walk among life-size giants
06 Mar 2015
Glasgow, Scotland

Cathkin Park Stadium

This former football stadium seems almost abandoned but is still in use by the next generation of Scottish sports stars
05 Mar 2015


Driving the Barn Quilt Trail of Washington County, Iowa

by Alex Madison / 05 Mar 2015


As physical objects, barn quilts are very simple. A barn owner or homeowner paints a large piece of wood to look like a quilt square—bold, basic geometric shapes--and then mounts it on a building, facing a road. Sometimes the painted squares are modeled after those on family heirloom quilts. Sometimes they’re new patterns or pictures. Thanks to the rise of barn quilt trails, these decorations have become one of the most surprising, and delightful, pleasures of driving through rural America.

The first official barn quilt trail stretches through Adams County, Ohio and dates to 2001, when Donna Sue Groves decided to honor her mother and attract visitors to her hometown by initiating the creation of 20 barn quilt squares, the number her mother would stitch into a typical bed quilt. In the years since, a “National Clothesline of Quilts” has sprung up in across the country, stretching into 45 states and Canada. In 2012, Groves partnered with Suzi Parron to publish Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail Movement.


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