Paris, France

Thanksgiving Grocery

An all-American grocery store in Paris feeds the needs of homesick ex-pats and locals looking to branch out
30 Nov 2015
Cincinnati, Ohio

Spring Grove Cemetery

This magnificent Cincinnati graveyard is also a popular public park
30 Nov 2015
Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Tees Transporter Bridge

Built in 1911, the Tees Transporter Bridge is one of only six transporter bridges still in operation
30 Nov 2015
Aston, Birmingham

Aston Hall

This ornate English "Prodigy House" still bears the cannonball marks of civil war
30 Nov 2015
Mahabalipuram, India

Tiger Cave

Picnic on the seashore in the footsteps of ancient kings, protected by giant mythical cat beasts
30 Nov 2015
Brooklyn, New York

The Sketchbook Project

Leaf through over 30,000 artists' sketchbooks in what may be the world's largest collection of doodles
30 Nov 2015

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