Boston, Massachusetts

Old Franklin Park Zoo Bear Pens

The bears may be gone, but their old cages can still be found
04 Sep 2015
Grímsnes , Iceland

Kerid Crater Lake

This eye-popping Icelandic crater lake is surrounded by red volcanic rock
04 Sep 2015
Geneva, Ohio

South River Vineyard

When a guy acquired a free church, he hauled it away piece-by-piece to make it the tasting hall at his vineyard
03 Sep 2015
Stockholm, Sweden

Birthplace of the Stockholm Syndrome

Now a hotel, this former Denmark bank was the site of a robbery that spawned a psychological phenomenon
03 Sep 2015
Danvers, Massachusetts

Rebecca Nurse Homestead and Graveyard

This historic graveyard monument is dedicated to a tragic victim of witch trial hysteria
03 Sep 2015
Sahara Desert, Niger

Tree of Ténéré

A metal arbor now stands in the place of an isolated desert tree that was knocked down by a drunk driver
03 Sep 2015


America's Boom in Abandoned, Vacant Schools

by Sarah Laskow / 04 Sep 2015


An abandoned school (Photo: Nitram242/Flickr)

Boynton Beach's old high school is a beautiful building. It was built in 1927, by William Manley King, a south Florida architect of some repute, and if you look closely, you might notice that it has Art Deco lines blended into its Mediterranean revival form.

"I haven't seen any other building in South Florida that tried to blend both styles of architecture," says Rick Gonzalez, president of REG Architects, a firm based in West Palm Beach.

At the beginning of August, the city commissioners voted to knock it down.

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