Springfield, Oregon

Proxy Falls

This frequently-photographed waterfall takes only a short hike to visit
05 Feb 2016
Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany

Jeweled Skeletons of the Fürstenfeld Abbey

These blingy, baubled skeletons lie in glass boxes inside a baroque Bavarian church
05 Feb 2016
Pinson, Tennessee

Pinson Mounds State Archeological Park

Over a dozen Native American earth mounds dating back over 2,000 years dot this Tennessee archaeological park
05 Feb 2016
Helsinki, Finland

Högberget Cave

Crawling into this primordial cave may feel disconcertingly familiar
05 Feb 2016
Dronten, The Netherlands


This artificial ring island was built to hold cubic tons of polluted dirt
05 Feb 2016
Banteay Srei, Cambodia

Kbal Spean

This Cambodian riverbed is covered in ancient fertility symbols both above and below the waters
05 Feb 2016

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Peek Inside a Private Clock Museum in Austria

by Yvonne Oswald / 05 Feb 2016


Details of a late Baroque tower clock made in the second half of the 18th century, from Upper Austria. (All photos: Yvonne Oswald)

The Uhrenstube Aschau, a little-known private clock museum in the sunny hills of Austria’s Burgenland region, is not easy to find. But after extensive phone explanations by its owner Wolfgang Komzak and two wrong turns, the historic farmhouse filled with clocks in the remote, lovely village of Aschau was finally located. Komzak was waiting outside a complex of early 19th century buildings with rye straw roofs. 

Komzak, now retired, is one of the world’s most sought after experts for the renovation of tower clocks. His collection of rare clocks, mostly from the 15th to the 19th centuries, is the largest private collection of its kind in Middle Europe. He has traveled all over Europe in search of outstanding pieces, and currently has about 70 of these majestic clocks, all of which he knows how to assemble.  

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