Grand Rapids, Michigan

Fish Ladder Park

An angular maze of concrete in Grand Rapids acts both as public art and as a staircase for fish traveling upstream
26 Mar 2015
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

One of Frank Lloyd Wright's final works was this UFO church
26 Mar 2015
Sunderland, Massachusetts

The Buttonball Tree

This giant Massachusetts sycamore is said to hold the dubious distinction of being the "widest tree East of the Mississippi!"
26 Mar 2015
Islamorada, Florida

Betsy the Lobster

This spiny beast guards an artist's village while vying for the title of largest lobster in the world
26 Mar 2015
Kerch, Ukraine

Tsarsky Kurgan

This ancient burial mound is accessed by an impressive Greek-built archway
26 Mar 2015
Oceanside, Oregon

Octopus Tree of Oregon

No one knows how this Pacific Northwest spruce tree came to have so many trunks
25 Mar 2015

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