Aragon, Spain

Monastery of San Juan de la Peña

Carved into a cliffside, this religious complex is steeped in legends of miraculous stags and the Holy Grail
31 Aug 2015
Moscow, Russia

Moscow Cats Theatre

Russia is home to quite possibly the only feline-based circus in the world
31 Aug 2015
Culberson County, Texas

McKittrick Canyon

Steep canyon walls hide a forested oasis in the west Texas desert
31 Aug 2015
Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

Great Stupa of Dharmakaya

One of the largest Buddhist stupas in North America is built of concrete designed to last 1,000 years
31 Aug 2015
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Apenheul Primate Park

Go inside a revolutionary, cage-less zoo where 70 species of monkeys roam free alongside their human visitors
28 Aug 2015
Saint Gallen, Switzerland

Abbey Library of Saint Gall

This is not only one of the oldest collections in Europe, but also possibly the most beautiful
28 Aug 2015


Inside the Illinois Studio Where Terrifyingly Realistic Dinosaurs are Born

by Jeff Wagg / 31 Aug 2015

Created in partnership with Enjoy Illinois and the Illinois Obscura Society. 

Benld, Illinois seems like an improbable place for sauropods, raptors and Dracorex hogwartsias to roam. However, the bucolic 1,500-person town is home to Charlie McGrady's Studio, which works with paleontologists to produce very accurate reproductions of dinosaurs using fiberglass and precise sculpting, texturing and painting techniques.

Their tagline is "For All Your Dinosaur Needs," and that really says it all.

These are not your giant orange T-Rexes from the miniature golf course: these guys are enormous and detailed enough to make you wonder if they're breathing. The finished product often finds its way into museums, such as the pterodactyl that flies over Sue the T-Rex's head at the Field Museum in Chicago. The video above provides a rare peek into the world of Illinois's finest dino studio. 

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