San Francisco , California

Book Club of California

In this century-old literary safehouse, print is alive and well
05 Aug 2015
Līgatne Municipality, Latvia

Ligatne Secret Soviet Bunker

A top secret Cold War bunker hidden beneath a Latvian spa facility is now open for tours
05 Aug 2015
Surrey , United Kingdom


If God were a skater, this would clearly be His park of choice
04 Aug 2015
Salzburg, Austria

Panorama Museum Salzburg

This 19th century cyclorama acts like an analogue time machine to a different era
04 Aug 2015
Los Angeles, California

Janis Joplin’s Hotel Room

The hotel room where Janis Joplin tragically died has now become a makeshift shrine to the singer
04 Aug 2015
Hafrsfjord, Norway

Sverd i fjell

Monuments don't get much more metal than these three giant viking swords planted in a Nordic hill
04 Aug 2015

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