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Glasgow, Scotland

Cathkin Park Stadium

This former football stadium seems almost abandoned but is still in use by the next generation of Scottish sports stars
05 Mar 2015
Madrid, Spain

Palacio de Cristal

Madrid's romantically ornate crystal palace has been offering shelter to plants and art for over a century
05 Mar 2015
Landsborough, Australia

Dularcha Rail Tunnel

This abandoned railroad tunnel is now home to a micro-colony of bats and a ghost train
05 Mar 2015
Ilchester, Maryland

Hell House Altar

This haunting stone gazebo is one of the few remnants of an abandoned college that has been a magnet for local legends
05 Mar 2015
Paris, France

Jeannot's Floor

The floorboard scrawling of a tragic madman is on public display outside a Paris hospital much to the dismay of its opponents
04 Mar 2015
Los Angeles, California

Idle Hour

The programmatic glory of LA's giant whiskey barrel building has become an upscale reminder of the city's kitschy roadside past
04 Mar 2015
Alton, New Hampshire

Alton Bay Seaplane Base

A stretch of New Hampshire lake water is the only ice runway in the lower 48 states that is FAA-approved
04 Mar 2015
Baltimore , Maryland

Fort Carroll

This abandoned sea fort has become an accidental bird sanctuary
04 Mar 2015
Barcelona, Spain

Labyrinth Park of Horta

This semi-secret storybook hedge maze is also the oldest garden in the city
04 Mar 2015
Genga , Italy

Temple of Valadier

This domed temple was built in a hidden cave mouth as a refuge for sinners seeking absolution
03 Mar 2015
Waco , Texas

Old Branch Davidian Swimming Pool

All that remains of cult leader David Koresh's original besieged Texas compound is a stagnant concrete pool
03 Mar 2015
Decatur, Georgia

Crowley Mausoleum

They built a Walmart around their family plot, so they built a mausoleum in their parking lot
03 Mar 2015


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