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Gary, Indiana

City Methodist Church

This stunning gothic ruin was a casualty of the Indiana steel industry crash
24 Oct 2014
Los Angeles, California

Los Feliz Murder Mansion

Left untouched since a double murder-suicide in the 1960s, Los Feliz mansion remains a neighborhood mystery
24 Oct 2014
Alamo, Nevada

The Black Mailbox

Mysterious meeting place for UFO hunters near Area 51
24 Oct 2014
Shingo, Japan

Tomb of Jesus Christ

A small Japanese village claims to be the final resting place of the son of God (and God's other son's ear)
24 Oct 2014
Great Meadows, New Jersey

Shades of Death Road

This ominously named New Jersey street seems to be attracting over-the-top legends of its own making
24 Oct 2014
Chicago, Illinois

Leather Archives & Museum

Chicago's museum dedicated to the history of bondage and fetishism is more textbook than titillation
24 Oct 2014
Chattanooga, Tennessee

International Towing and Recovery Museum

This museum dedicated to an oft-overlooked support industry features a surprisingly moving brass diorama of a man being saved from a sinking car
23 Oct 2014
Dublin, Ireland

Irish Jewish Museum

Catholics make up 98% of Ireland's population but this Dublin museum remembers the small but important Jewish community
23 Oct 2014
CaƱon City, Colorado

Royal Gorge Bridge

The highest bridge in America was built for an almost unnervingly small amount of money
23 Oct 2014
San Francisco, California

Rincon Center Murals

These WWII-era murals were initially booed as a libelous portrayal of the American dream but have survived multiple attempts to have them destroyed
23 Oct 2014
Carcross, Canada

Carcross Desert

This tiny square mile of Canadian sand was once considered the world's smallest desert
23 Oct 2014
New York, New York

Number One, Broadway

Currently housing a corporate bank branch this building at the southern tip of Manhattan was once the gateway to luxury vacationing
22 Oct 2014