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Richmond, United Kingdom

King Henry's Mound

It is against the law to obstruct the view from the top of this English burial mound
27 May 2015
Lisse, The Netherlands

Keukenhof Gardens

Unsurprisingly, Holland is home to one of the most magnificent flower gardens in the world
26 May 2015
Wilmington, North Carolina

Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden

Garden dedicated to native carnivorous plants and site of huge flytrap heist
22 May 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark

Nasothek nose collection

A collection of noses tucked inside an art museum reveals how times have changed
21 May 2015
Lidosta "Rīga", Latvia

Riga Aviation Museum

A vast and unlikely aviation museum kept alive for over 50 years due to one man's tenacity
21 May 2015
Chiyoda, Japan

Pasona Group Headquarters

A high-tech urban farm hidden in a Tokyo skyscraper
20 May 2015
Passau, Germany

Europe's Largest Pipe Organ

When a medieval fire claimed the original St. Stephen’s Cathedral, it sparked a pattern of unquenchable organ building
19 May 2015
Ithaca, USA

The A. D. White Library

The library of every book lover's dreams
18 May 2015
Salt Lake City, Utah

USPS Remote Encoding Facility

Where unreadable addresses are read, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
18 May 2015
Köşkerler, Turkey

Myra Necropolis

A Lycian city of the dead carved into the hillside of Southern Turkey, complete with startlingly human touches
15 May 2015
Boise, Idaho

The Black Cliffs

These black pillars of volcanic basalt seem to call mountain climbers with an unbreakable siren song
15 May 2015
Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Liberty Tree

The former site of an all-but-forgotten colonial landmark is now remembered by an often overlooked bas relief
15 May 2015

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