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Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

Harney Peak

The highest point in South Dakota contains the ashes of Valentine McGillycuudy, the "Holy White Man"
23 Apr 2014
Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Museum Stemmler

This taxidermilogical collection was assembled by a peltmonger turned animal activist
23 Apr 2014
Midlothian, Illinois

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

A small abandoned and abused cemetery that has become a magnet for ghost hunters
23 Apr 2014
Chicago, Illinois

Crown Fountain

The twin towers in this Chicago fountain use 50 foot tall video screens to spit on people
23 Apr 2014
Laona, Wisconsin

Camp 5 Museum

Experience the life of an 1800's lumberjack at this interactive museum that is only accessible by railroad
22 Apr 2014
Dublin, Ireland

Dublin General Post Office

The modern birthplace of Irish freedom
22 Apr 2014
Laona, Wisconsin

World's Largest Soup Kettle

This huge stew pot is is the focal point of the"Community Soup" event which honors tradition and soup
22 Apr 2014
Romont, Switzerland

Les Pleureuses

What this Good Friday parade lacks in baroque filigree it makes up in somber gothic imagery
22 Apr 2014
Linesville, Pennsylvania

Linesville Spillway

"Where the ducks walk on fish"
22 Apr 2014
Louisville, Kentucky

The Grave of Harry L. Collins

A life-sized memorial to Harry L. Collins, the official corporate magician of Frito-Lay
21 Apr 2014
Williams, Minnesota

The Minnesota Forest

This Minnesota-shaped forest is actually located in the state it is shaped like
21 Apr 2014
Malmesbury, England

Hannah Twynnoy's Gravestone

This crumbling headstone commemorates the first death by tiger in Britain's history
21 Apr 2014