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Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

Cleethorpes Air Raid Shelter

The first privately owned air raid shelter in Britain, built after a horrifying night of Zeppelin bombings
01 Dec 2015
Gingin, Australia

The Leaning Tower of Gingin

The world's further leaning tower encourages you to test the gravity of its situation
01 Dec 2015
Marseille, France

Notre-Dame de la Garde's Nautical Ex-Voto

Sky ships, planes, and portraits left as unique tokens of hope and thankfulness
01 Dec 2015
Paris, France

Thanksgiving Grocery

An all-American grocery store in Paris feeds the needs of homesick ex-pats and locals looking to branch out
30 Nov 2015
Cincinnati, Ohio

Spring Grove Cemetery

This magnificent Cincinnati graveyard is also a popular public park
30 Nov 2015
Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Tees Transporter Bridge

Built in 1911, the Tees Transporter Bridge is one of only six transporter bridges still in operation
30 Nov 2015
Aston, Birmingham

Aston Hall

This ornate English "Prodigy House" still bears the cannonball marks of civil war
30 Nov 2015
Mahabalipuram, India

Tiger Cave

Picnic on the seashore in the footsteps of ancient kings, protected by giant mythical cat beasts
30 Nov 2015
Prague, Czech Republic

Batalion Comic Book Museum and Club

This bar and museum is devoted to the controversial comic book work of Kája Saudek
30 Nov 2015
Kyoto, Japan

Hair Rope of Higashi Hongan-ji Temple

When this massive wooden temple ran out of rope, they made one out of devotees' hair
30 Nov 2015
Itaguaí, Brazil

Cidade Albanoel

An abandoned Santa park is as far as this proposed theme park kingdom got towards completion
27 Nov 2015
Wellington, New Zealand

Mrs. Chippy Monument

A bronze kitty adorns the grave of the polar explorer who brought the original feline to the antarctic
26 Nov 2015

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