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Richmond, Virginia

Edgar Allen Poe Museum

This museum devoted to the gothic author holds such interesting ephemera as his socks and walking stick
01 Apr 2015
Wickenburg, Arizona

Wickenburg Jail Tree

Opinions differ as to whether this Arizona tree was actually used as a Wild West jail, but that hasn't stopped the town from capitalizing on it
01 Apr 2015
Riverside, California

The Parent Washington Navel Tree

This California tree is the single source of the state's entire orange industry
01 Apr 2015
North Port, Florida

Warm Mineral Springs

This ancient sinkhole-turned-healing-pool is a treasure trove of archeological discoveries and may even be the Fountain of Youth
31 Mar 2015
Barcelona, Spain

Bunkers del Carmel

These secluded and abandoned anti-aircraft defenses have become one the most scenic viewpoints in Barcelona
31 Mar 2015
Willaston , Cheshire

World Worm Charming Championships

This bizarre English competition answers the important question: how many worms can YOU coax out of the ground?
31 Mar 2015
Braunschweig, Germany

Carl Friedrich Gauss Monument

This German monument honors the so-called "Prince of Mathematicians"
31 Mar 2015
Chicago, Illinois

Ulysses S. Grant Boulder

A strange rock in Chicago marks the spot where a tree once stood in honor of the 18th President
31 Mar 2015
Ambrym Island, Vanuatu

Ambrym Island

Plains of ash and pair of semi-active volcanoes contribute to the otherworldly beauty of this little-known Vanuatu island
30 Mar 2015
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo Roses

A number of craters left by fatal mortar strikes have been filled with red resin to remember those lost during the Siege of Sarajevo
30 Mar 2015
Nuremberg, Germany


This lurid German fountain plots the sad course of marriage from dating to death
30 Mar 2015
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

ICAR Canned Beef Monument

This ironic war memorial thumbs its nose at a campaign of inedible humanitarian aid food products
30 Mar 2015


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