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Tarapac√°, Chile

Atacama Giant

The single largest geoglyph in the world is a tall desert god used for predicting the weather
22 Dec 2014
Pembrokeshire, Wales

Pentre Ifan

The Stonehenge of Wales is one of the grandest neolithic dolmens still in existence
22 Dec 2014
Stockholm, Sweden

Colour by Numbers

This Stockholm light tower can be controlled by anyone with a smartphone
22 Dec 2014
Berkeley , United states

Free Speech Monument

This subtle Berkeley paving stone actually marks off a lawless tube of air that extends into space
22 Dec 2014
Hamburg, Germany

St. Nicholas' Church

Once the tallest building in the world, this abandoned church is now a monument to the destruction of WWII
22 Dec 2014
Weston, United Kingdom

Hawkstone Park

Created hundreds of years ago, the magical follies and landscapes at this park were almost lost to time before being restored
19 Dec 2014
Erie, Pennsylvania

USS Niagara

A living maritime paradox still floats in the same lake where it was built and resurrected... or was it?
19 Dec 2014
Chandler , Arizona

Tumbleweed Christmas Tree

Every Christmas one Arizona city makes the most of its dry climate by creating an arid desert tannenbaum
19 Dec 2014
Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Rollstone Boulder

In order to save this beloved rock, locals blew it up and put it back together piece by piece
19 Dec 2014
Egkomi, Cyprus

Nicosia International Airport

This former Cyprus flight hub is now a crumbling, abandoned ghost complex
19 Dec 2014
Boyers, Pennsylvania

Office of Personnel Management Retirement Operations Center

The aggressively banal name of this underground fortress of bureaucracy does little to evoke its truly surreal existence
17 Dec 2014
Chandler, Arizona


A $100,000 tumbleweed decorates an Arizona park and ride that got their priorities a bit tangled
17 Dec 2014


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