The Mighty Wurlitzer
May 1
El Segundo

Obscura Society LA: Old Town Music Hall

The whimsical warbles of the Mighty Wurlitzer
Moore Lab
May 7
Los Angeles, California

Obscura Society LA: The Moore Lab of Zoology

Celebrate Bird L.A. Day by exploring one of the world's largest collections of rare and magnificent bird specimens.
Clara Barton Missing Soldiers’ Office sign
May 7
Washington, D.C.

Obscura Society DC: Washington DC's Working Girls

Climb the forgotten stairs to Clara Barton’s Missing Soldiers Office for an afternoon discussion of Washington DC’s 19th century working women; the government clerks, humanitarians and prostitutes
Archival Photo
May 7
3550 Trousdale Pkwy

Obscura Society LA: Private Investigations at the Doheny Library

Join us as we dive into the history of detectives and become amateur sleuths for the day!
60-inch telescope
May 7

Obscura Society LA: 60-Inch Telescope

Step into the darkness for an evening of planets, globular clusters, planetary nebulae, and colorful double stars at the Mt. Wilson Observatory
May 8
Alpine, CA

Obscura Society LA: Hawk Walk

Experience an intimate encounter with birds of prey in the San Diego mountains
May 8
New York

Obscura Society NY: Urban Foraging in Central Park

"Wildman" Steve Brill takes us on an edible journey through our most iconic urban greenspace.
May 12
New York, NY

Obscura Society NY: "Medicinal Recipes" after-hours at the Rare Book Room at New York Academy of Medicine

Explore the Rare Book Room's collection of 17th, 18th, and 19th century records of botanical recipes and herbal cures.
May 13

Obscura Society IL: Surgical Curiosities: Gynecology

Explore the IMSS's incredible collections in this intimate three-part series.
May 14
Brooklyn, NY

Obscura Society NY: Brooklyn Navy Yard Sustainable Architecture & Industry Bicycle Tour

Bike your way through the historical hub of industry and discover its inner workings.
May 14

Obscura Society Philly: Meander The Mortal Coil

Join Friends of Mount Moriah and your fellow taphophiles as we wander through the maintained and wild sections of what was once one of Philadelphia's most elite Victorian cemeteries!
May 14

Obscura Society LA: Wild Wine Walk

Stroll through a private wine estate with wild animals
May 16

Obscura Society NY: "Psychic Dogs" Lecture with Paul Koudounaris

Hear the fascinating history of canine ESP at this lecture for dogs and humans.
May 18
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Obscura Society Philly: Don't Fear The Reaper

Join us for an expansive evening with author, photographer, and death expert Dr. Paul Koudounaris.
May 19

Obscura Society Philly: Nautical Cats. Adventure, Courage, and Betrayal!

A historical lecture about the most unusual of crew members presented by Dr. Paul Koudounaris.
May 19
New York

Obscura Society NY: Past-Lives Regression Hypnosis

Allow yourself to be led into an experiential past life regression.
May 20
Sleepy Hollow

Obscura Society NY: Murder and Mayhem Nighttime Tour at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Join us for an adventure into the heart of darkness on the Hudson, through one of its most historic cemeteries
May 21

Obscura Society NY: Hey! Ho! Let's Go: The Ramones at the Queens Museum

Celebrate and investigate the history and influence of punk rockers the Ramones.
delta wingman in production
May 21
El Segundo

Obscura Society LA: Aviation Creation

From desert discovery to Feng Shui functionality! Explore MotoArt, a company that transforms decommissioned airplanes into functional art.
May 22

Obscura Society IL: Chicago's Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium

A Walking Tour of the Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium Grounds.
May 26
New York

Obscura Society NY: Sneak Preview of the Hills at Governor's Island

Be among the very first to experience the perspective-shifting green space on this exclusive visit to New York's newest wonder of landscape architecture.
Fairmount Cemetery
Apr 30
Denver, Colorado

Denver Obscura Society: Fairmount Cemetery

Join us for an in-depth tour of one of Denver's oldest and most beautiful cemeteries.
Art work by @chueyquintanar in La Bulla
Apr 30
Los Angeles

Obscura Society LA & Cartwheel Art Tours: Mystery Behind the Mask

Immerse yourself in the drama and glamour of lucha libre
Palisades and Movie Colony, Santa Monica, Calif.
Apr 30
Santa Monica

Obscura Society LA: Hollywood's First Hidden Getaway

Discover Santa Monica's scandalous past during a beachfront tour of the Gold Coast
Blue Heron
Apr 30
Seal Beach

Obscura Society LA: Mixing Oil & Water

Trek through a private oil field in search of fascinating flora and fauna.
Apr 24

NY Obscura Society Cinema Club: Death Drug

A cult drugsploitation film and a fascinating look inside the mind of a bizarre 80s celebrity...
Pee Wee Herman on Broadway
Apr 24

Obscura Society LA: Creatures Under Construction

These fascinating characters aren't born—they're built.
Apr 23
New York, New York

Obscura Society NY: "Happy Birthday Lenin!" Communists in the Village Walking Tour

See lower Manhattan through the stories of its dynamic Socialist history and revolutionary legends, on the anniversary of the Russian revolutionary's birthday.
Apr 23
Batavia, Illinois

Obscura Society IL: Fermilab and Red Gate Woods

A tour and hike through Chicago's major contributions to particle physics.
Apr 21

Obscura Society NY: Odyssey of the Mind

Venture into the depths of the subconscious with an evening of hypnotism, Victorian mentalism, and neurobiology.
Apr 16
Seattle, Washington

Obscura Day 2016: Catlas Obscura!

Spend your evening with 15+ adoptable kitties at the Seattle Meowtropolitan cat cafe!
Apr 16
Tucson, Arizona

Obscura Day 2016: Rumpelstiltskin at Valley of the Moon

Discover the magic and fantasy of George Legler's Valley of the Moon in this very special walk-through performance of Rumpelstiltskin!
Rhinestone Cowboy's Nudiemobile at  the Valley Relics Museum
Apr 16
Los Angeles, U.S.A

Obscura Day 2016: After-Party at Valley Relics

Celebrate adventure with Atlas Obscura Field Agents, DJ Mukta Mohan, Magician Siegfried Tieber, and your fellow explorers! Climb aboard the Rhinestone Cowboy's Nudiemobile, eat a bison burger, enjoy craft brews, and relish in the neon light.
Apr 16
Kansas City, Kansas

Obscura Day 2016: Saint Simon Subterranean Celebration

End your day of exploration with an underground after-party in a top secret Kansas City location!
Apr 16
Mexico City, Mexico

Obscura Day 2016: Nota Roja Mexico City

Join us for a nighttime walking tour through downtown Mexico City to discover the sites and stories behind the city's most infamous crimes.
Apr 16
Cincinnati, Ohio

Obscura Day 2016: Planet-Gazing at Cincinnati Observatory

Come see Jupiter, Mercury, and the moon at the "Birthplace of American Astronomy."
Apr 16
New York, New York

Obscura Day 2016: Victorian Electronica Collection and Cocktails

Sip on artisan cocktails as you explore an astounding personal collection of Victorian toys and technology.