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16 upcoming events in 13 cities.

From San Pedro, California to California, and beyond.

Royal Palms-White Point Beach
May 28
San Pedro, California

Obscura Society LA: The Shoreline Ruins of San Pedro

From landslides to World War II, the coast is rife with dramatic tales and intriguing histories.
Lincoln Park
May 28
San Francisco, California

Obscura Society SF: The Lost Cemetery of Lands End

A night of tombstone hunting and history at the former City Cemetery
courtesy of Puppet Kitchen
Jun 7
New York

Obscura Society NY: Behind-the-Scenes at Puppet Kitchen

Get exclusive after-hours access to a Manhattan puppetry workshop!
Jun 10
Torrance, CA

Obscura Society LA: Hot Rod Hideaway

Discover the key to transforming a car from drab to drag racer—born right here in LA
Photo by Steven Acres, courtesy of Ravenous Craft
Jun 10

Obscura Society NY: Night Flight! What Is A Witch Book Party with Pam Grossman

The witchiest of evenings, the most mystical of nights, a most unusual book launch party...
Jun 11
District of Columbia, Washington, D.C.

Obscura Society DC: The Secret History of Meridian Hill Park

Join us on a special walking tour of this neighborhood oasis and hidden national treasure
Former brothel inside Imperial Art Studios
Jun 12
Los Angeles

Obscura Society LA & Cartwheel Art Tours: Bridges, Brothels, & Breweries

Discover the seedy past of DTLA's Arts District
automatic press
Jun 16
Los Angeles, CA

Obscura Society LA: Screen Time at The Print Lab

A custom garment printing demonstration & workshop
Jun 18

Obscura Society Philly: Meander The Mortal Coil

Join Friends of Mount Moriah and your fellow taphophiles as we wander through the maintained and wild sections of what was once one of Philadelphia's most elite Victorian cemeteries!
Jun 18
Thousand Oaks, California

Obscura Society LA: Chumash Cave Hike

Trek through a lush oak grove to a sacred Chumash cave.
Jun 18
Lake Hughes, California

Obscura Society LA: Playing With Wolves

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet and play with a pack of hybrid Alaskan Timber Wolves, greet ostriches, and go wine tasting all in one day!
Jun 23
Los Angeles

Obscura Society LA & Cartwheel Art Tours: Intoxicating Spirits

Join us in the Arts District for a craft cocktail class and distillery tour at Greenbar, LA's first distillery since prohibition.
California Quail
Jun 25

Obscura Society LA: Investigating Flora and Fauna in a Secret Native Garden

Where creatures and California native plants collide
Word search
Jul 2
Los Angeles

Obscura Society LA: A Hidden Repository of Curious Craft

Where junk materials are reincarnated as wondrous sculptures
Jul 3
Van Nuys

Obscura Society LA: Illuminating the Art of Neon

Go behind the scenes of a glowing, mesmerizing form of art
60-inch telescope
Jul 16

Obscura Society LA: 60-Inch Telescope

Step into the darkness for an evening of planets, globular clusters, planetary nebulae, and colorful double stars at the Mt. Wilson Observatory
May 26
New York

Obscura Society NY: Sneak Preview of the Hills at Governor's Island

Be among the very first to experience the perspective-shifting green space on this exclusive visit to New York's newest wonder of landscape architecture.
Hearsay at LosJoCos: The Purple Squirrel
May 22
Los Angeles

Obscura Society LA: Urban Legends with Cartwheel Art Tours

The Goatman, sewer gators, and purple squirrels! Join us for an afternoon of myth and mystery at LosJoCos Gallery as we explore the exhibition "Hearsay" and discuss LA lore with Field Agent Hadley Meares.
May 22

Obscura Society IL: Chicago's Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium

A Walking Tour of the Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium Grounds.
courtesy of Mitch Waxman
May 21

Obscura Society NY: A Return to The Poison Cauldron of the Newtown Creek

Explore the hellish waste transfer and petroleum districts of North Brooklyn on this daring walk along the Newtown Creek.
delta wingman in production
May 21
El Segundo

Obscura Society LA: Aviation Creation

From desert discovery to Feng Shui functionality! Explore MotoArt, a company that transforms decommissioned airplanes into functional art.
May 20
Sleepy Hollow

Obscura Society NY: Murder and Mayhem Nighttime Tour at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Join us for an adventure into the heart of darkness on the Hudson, through one of its most historic cemeteries.
May 19

Obscura Society Philly: Nautical Cats. Adventure, Courage, and Betrayal!

A historical lecture about the most unusual of crew members presented by Dr. Paul Koudounaris.
May 18
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Obscura Society Philly: Don't Fear The Reaper

Join us for an expansive evening with author, photographer, and death expert Dr. Paul Koudounaris.
May 16

Obscura Society NY: "Psychic Dogs" Lecture with Paul Koudounaris

Hear the fascinating history of canine ESP at this lecture for dogs and humans.
Ellefson Family At Scrabble In Calling Lake Alberta
May 15

*CANCELED*Obscura Society IL: Competitive Scrabble Workshop

Learn how to annihilate your opponents and alienate your friends with your word dominance!
May 14

Obscura Society LA: Wild Wine Walk

Stroll through a private wine estate with wild animals
Marbling on binding by Norma Rubovits. On A. Pope, The Rape of the Lock. Illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley. Rubovits 21
May 14
Chicago, Illinois

Obscura Society IL: Behind the Scenes at Newberry Library: Beautiful Bookbinding

Curated presentation of unique materials from the library's collection
May 14
Brooklyn, NY

Obscura Society NY: Brooklyn Navy Yard Sustainable Architecture & Industry Bicycle Tour

Bike your way through the historical hub of industry and discover its inner workings.
May 13

*CANCELED* Obscura Society IL: Surgical Curiosities: Gynecology

Explore the IMSS's incredible collections in this intimate three-part series.
May 12
New York, NY

Obscura Society NY: "Medicinal Recipes" after-hours at the Rare Book Room at New York Academy of Medicine

Explore the Rare Book Room's collection of 17th, 18th, and 19th century records of botanical recipes and herbal cures.
May 11
San Francisco, California

Obscura Society SF: Art + Wine + Brains

An evening of wine, painting, and neuroscience.