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May 6
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Apr 30

Los Angeles, California

Heritage Square Twilight Tour

A rare evening stroll through the living history of Victorian-era Southern California.
The Bachelor Party
May 5

San Francisco, California

The Cats of Louis Wain Painting Night

Create your own fantastic cat portrait while learning about the neuroscience of creativity.
May 6

Akron, Ohio

John Brown Monument Tour

Learn more about the famed abolitionist on this special tour led by the Akron Zoo and Summit County Historical Society.
May 6

Louisville, Kentucky

Remembering the Long-Forgotten at Eastern Cemetery

Come hear the tales of those who reside within the historic walls of one of Louisville's oldest (and most notorious) cemeteries.
May 6

Bishopville, South Carolina

Pearl Fryar's Topiary Garden

Explore an awe-inspiring topiary wonderland created by a single, self-taught man.
May 6

Athens, Ohio

Edwards Accelerator Laboratory

Tour the 4.5-million-volt tandem particle accelerator at Edwards Accelerator Laboratory!
The Happy Family or Fox and Rabbit. Both trickers and shape-shifter transgressors. (Wikimedia Commons)
May 6

White River Junction, Vermont

The Main Street Museum

Explore the eclectic displays and quirky collections of the Main Street Museum, an experiment in new taxonomy.
May 6

Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania

The Last Grandfather Clockmaker's Workshop

Join David Lindow in his workshop for a day of demonstrations and samplings, and get a hands-on tour from the last manufacturer of grandfather clocks in the United States.
May 6

Washington, D.C.

The Legends of the Octagon House

Go behind the scenes at the District's most notorious house.
The Slocum collection
May 6

Bloomington, Indiana

The Slocum Mechanical Puzzle Collection

Explore a staggering collection of antique mind-benders, and try your best to solve a few!
The five-story tall wool mill at Greenbank's Hollow in its prime
May 6

Danville, Vermont

The Forgotten Village at Greenbank's Hollow

Explore the long-abandoned remains of a 19th- century company town in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.
The Museum of Everyday Life
May 6

Glover, Vermont

The Museum of Everyday Life

Lend a hand at MOEL's Community Participation Weekend and play a part in creating the museum's 2017 exhibit, "Bells and Whistles"!

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