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Los Angeles, California

Sunken City

A jumble of foundations, streets, and streetcar tracks inhabit the cliff where a landslide occurred in 1929 

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In 1929, a landslide in San Pedro, California, caused a neighborhood of exclusive homes to tumble into the ocean. At its peak, the land movement was measured at an astounding 11 inches a day. During the slide, part of the adjoining Point Fermin Park also fell into the ocean.

Today, the area is called "Sunken City" by locals, and consists of the broken foundations of houses, abandoned streetcar tracks, buckled sidewalks, and empty streets. The area is now a popular hiking spot.

Know Before You Go

Exit on Gaffey from the 110 freeway, turn left, and follow it until you reach Paseo Del Mar. Turn right, and stop at the 600 block. You have to climb over a cement fence and then either under a metal one if you can fit, or carefully down around the bottom of the fence they extended. Exact Coordinates are 33°42'21"N   118°17'20"W.

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