Alamo, Nevada

Little A'Le'Inn

An eatery for UFO seekers on the Extraterrestrial Highway


For anyone looking to head into the desert and court a close encounter of the third kind, the Little A'Le'Inn provides food, lodging, and endless information for UFO seekers along the Extraterrestrial Highway (Nevada State Route 375).

In operation for over 20 years, this lone restaurant on the way to Area 51 and other Nevada locations known to attract E.T's embraces the area's lore to the extreme and has all of the alien paraphernalia one could hope for. Stop by for a meal or a souvenir and the friendly staff will also fill you in on the best spots for watching the skies, including Tikaboo Peak, the closest legal spot to see the base, and the Black Mailbox, the mysterious mailbox where UFO hunters can correspond.

  • Address
    HC61 Box 45, Alamo, Nevada, 89001, United States
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