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Possibly our broadest category, it includes among other things: Eccentric and unusual homes, mazes, bizarre ruins, amazing outsider architecture and other strange buildings built by non-architects, the architectural follies of Princes and millionaires, gorgeous and unusual libraries, building and bridges grown from living trees, secret passageways, secret lairs, caves, caverns and buried treasure hordes. Basically any building, structure, house, church, tunnel, that stops you in your tracks because it is unusual looking, has a bizarre back story, or curious method of creation belongs in architectural oddities. From ancient and mysterious ruins in South America to a Buddhist temple made of beer bottles, to a beautiful solar tower in Spain they all fall under the category of architectural oddities.

Wien, Austria

Wotruba Church

This cubist Vienna church building looks like some sort of alien stonehenge
20 Nov 2015
Brookline, Massachussets

The Dutch House

This Dutch-styled residential building was originally a cocoa company's World's Fair showpiece
19 Nov 2015
Iqaluit, Canada

St. Jude's Igloo Cathedral

This igloo-shaped landmark in Iqaluit serves as the seat of the Diocese of the Arctic
12 Nov 2015
Treigny, France

Guedelon Castle

Despite centuries of architectural innovation, this French castle is being built like it's the 13th century
09 Nov 2015
Al Lahoun, Egypt

The Pyramid of Senusret II

It might not be the prettiest pyramid in Egypt, but it may be the muddiest
03 Nov 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands


This 1920s Amsterdam neighborhood was built as a giant experiment in concrete construction
28 Oct 2015
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Paramount Film Exchange

Once used to screen films for theater owners to rent, this historic building is now a start up hub
27 Oct 2015
Junagadh, India

Mahabat Maqbara

This otherworldly palace-mausoleum complex is the stuff eternal dreams are made of
21 Oct 2015
Ayni, Tajikistan

Anzob Tunnel

This dark, damp, perilous tunnel is the only passage from north to south Tajikistan
19 Oct 2015
Cache, Oklahoma

Holy City of the Wichitas

This little slice of old Jerusalem in Oklahoma is the evolution of a 90 year old passion play
15 Oct 2015
Hillsborough, North Carolina

Myers House

One killer horror movie fan has built an exact recreation of Michael Myers' childhood home
14 Oct 2015
Mestia, Georgia

Queen Tamar Airport

Despite being tiny and rural this Georgian airport looks like a sci-fi boondoggle
09 Oct 2015
Chester, West Virginia

World's Largest Teapot

First a root beer ad, then a golf course clubhouse, and finally a massive teapot
30 Sep 2015
Kewanee, Illinois

Woodland Palace

The dream home of an iconoclastic renaissance man still stands as a monument to his domestically mundane vision
29 Sep 2015
Washington, District of Columbia

The Brewmaster's Castle

This grand gothic brewery has been pumping out suds for over a hundred years
24 Sep 2015
Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

Civita di Bagnoregio

This quaint Italian town keeps losing ground as the sides of its plateau slowly erode
22 Sep 2015
Helsingfors, Finland

Kamppi Chapel

An alien church provides much needed silence in the midst of a Finland shopping center
18 Sep 2015
Sana'a, Yemen

Dar al-Hajar

Yemen's "Stone Palace" looks like it was carved right out of the tall stone column on which it is built
14 Sep 2015
New York, New York

33 Thomas Street

An uber-secure, windowless skyscraper of doom located in the center of Manhattan
01 Sep 2015
Saint Gallen, Switzerland

Abbey Library of Saint Gall

This is not only one of the oldest collections in Europe, but also possibly the most beautiful
28 Aug 2015
Whitehorse, Canada

Log Skyscrapers of Whitehorse

When the big city meets the edge of the frontier, log skyscrapers are born
19 Aug 2015
Toronto, Canada

Toronto's Half House

Willy Wonka would love this weird half-a-home
18 Aug 2015
Golden, Colorado

Sculptured House

This iconic science fiction house still looks like something from the future even if it hasn't been in movies since the 70s
17 Aug 2015
Conwy, Wales

Quay House, The Smallest House in Great Britain

A former fisherman's hut deemed too small for habitation is now a delightful tourist draw
12 Aug 2015
Cincinnati, Ohio

The Cincinnati Mushroom House

What is it about mushrooms that makes people wish they lived inside of them?
12 Aug 2015
Zillah, Washington

Teapot Dome Service Station

Perhaps the world's only gas station inspired by a political scandal
10 Aug 2015
Los Angeles, California

Egasse-Braasch House

The house where Good Will Hunting was written is a surreal fairytale abode
07 Aug 2015
Magelang Tengah, Indonesia

Gereja Ayam, the Abandoned Chicken Church

This massive abandoned chapel in the middle of the Indonesian forest is both haunting and fowl
31 Jul 2015
Wellesley Island, New York

Just Room Enough Island

This tiny little island has, as the name says, just enough room for its single house
28 Jul 2015

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