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Possibly our broadest category, it includes among other things: Eccentric and unusual homes, mazes, bizarre ruins, amazing outsider architecture and other strange buildings built by non-architects, the architectural follies of Princes and millionaires, gorgeous and unusual libraries, building and bridges grown from living trees, secret passageways, secret lairs, caves, caverns and buried treasure hordes. Basically any building, structure, house, church, tunnel, that stops you in your tracks because it is unusual looking, has a bizarre back story, or curious method of creation belongs in architectural oddities. From ancient and mysterious ruins in South America to a Buddhist temple made of beer bottles, to a beautiful solar tower in Spain they all fall under the category of architectural oddities.

Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)

U Bein Bridge

The oldest teak bridge in the world is made from the remains of a royal palace
02 Feb 2016
Walterboro, South Carolina

Walterboro Water Tower

This South Carolina water tower is an icon of the city of Walterboro, but it also once served as the county jail
25 Jan 2016
New York, New York

Spring Street Salt Shed

This simple Manhattan salt house is artfully shaped... well, like a giant granule of salt
22 Jan 2016
Reggello, Italy

Sammezzano Castle

On rare days, this abandoned castle's gatekeepers open its doors, revealing the eye-popping splendor hidden inside
15 Jan 2016
Shibam, Yemen


A city built from mud and known as the "Manhattan of the desert."
29 Dec 2015

IceCube Research Station

The world's largest neutrino telescope searches for secrets of the universe at the South Pole
28 Dec 2015
Cleveland, Ohio

A Christmas Story House and Museum

The home made famous by the 1983 holiday classic is now a perfectly preserved shrine to the movie
25 Dec 2015
North Pole, Alaska

Santa Claus House

Trading post in North Pole where children send letters
24 Dec 2015
Limburg, Belgium

Reading Between The Lines

Part modern art project, part traditional chapel, this see-through church is only substantial from the right angle
22 Dec 2015
Naucalpan, Mexico

Quetzalcoatl’s Nest

An Aztec snake god has taken the material form of an apartment complex
21 Dec 2015
Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island Club

If all members were present at the table, a sixth of the world's wealth would be under the same roof
15 Dec 2015
Jekyll Island, Georgia

Horton House

Georgia's first brewery is also one of its oldest surviving buildings
14 Dec 2015
Henderson, Nevada

The Simpsons House

Originally built as a promotional give away, this suburban house was designed to be an IRL version of the Simpson home
08 Dec 2015
Exmouth, Devon

A La Ronde

Two women with a flair for both adventure and artful clutter created this singular round home
07 Dec 2015
Richmond, Virginia

Egyptian Building

A convincing little bit of ancient Egypt smack dab in Richmond, Virginia
07 Dec 2015
Bergen, Norway


Stay overnight in the world's most sleekly designed rabbit hole, free of charge
02 Dec 2015
Cleethorpes, England

Cleethorpes Air Raid Shelter

The first privately owned air raid shelter in Britain, built after a horrifying night of Zeppelin bombings
01 Dec 2015
Consonno, Italy


This half-finished "city of toys" was almost Italy's own Las Vegas
26 Nov 2015
Wien, Austria

Wotruba Church

This cubist Vienna church building looks like some sort of alien stonehenge
20 Nov 2015
Brookline, Massachusetts

The Dutch House

This Dutch-styled residential building was originally a cocoa company's World's Fair showpiece
19 Nov 2015
Iqaluit, Canada

St. Jude's Igloo Cathedral

This igloo-shaped landmark in Iqaluit serves as the seat of the Diocese of the Arctic
12 Nov 2015
Treigny, France

Guedelon Castle

Despite centuries of architectural innovation, this French castle is being built like it's the 13th century
09 Nov 2015
Al Lahoun, Egypt

The Pyramid of Senusret II

It might not be the prettiest pyramid in Egypt, but it may be the muddiest
03 Nov 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands


This 1920s Amsterdam neighborhood was built as a giant experiment in concrete construction
28 Oct 2015
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Paramount Film Exchange

Once used to screen films for theater owners to rent, this historic building is now a start up hub
27 Oct 2015
Junagadh, India

Mahabat Maqbara

This otherworldly palace-mausoleum complex is the stuff eternal dreams are made of
21 Oct 2015
Ayni, Tajikistan

Anzob Tunnel

This dark, damp, perilous tunnel is the only passage from north to south Tajikistan
19 Oct 2015
Cache, Oklahoma

Holy City of the Wichitas

This little slice of old Jerusalem in Oklahoma is the evolution of a 90 year old passion play
15 Oct 2015

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