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Possibly our broadest category, it includes among other things: Eccentric and unusual homes, mazes, bizarre ruins, amazing outsider architecture and other strange buildings built by non-architects, the architectural follies of Princes and millionaires, gorgeous and unusual libraries, building and bridges grown from living trees, secret passageways, secret lairs, caves, caverns and buried treasure hordes. Basically any building, structure, house, church, tunnel, that stops you in your tracks because it is unusual looking, has a bizarre back story, or curious method of creation belongs in architectural oddities. From ancient and mysterious ruins in South America to a Buddhist temple made of beer bottles, to a beautiful solar tower in Spain they all fall under the category of architectural oddities.

Costa De Morte, Spain

The Truffle

This rough experimental house was created by flooding a dirt hill with concrete
18 Apr 2014
Rapid City, South Dakota

Chapel In the Hills

This replica stave church looks like a piece of Norway was simply plopped down in South Dakota
16 Apr 2014
Stavoren, The Netherlands

Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren

At this Netherlands hotel sleeping inside a wine barrel isn't just for alcoholics
04 Apr 2014
Yangpyeong, South Korera

Dreamy Camera Cafe

This quirky Korean eatery is built to resemble an equally quirky vintage camera
03 Apr 2014
Bedford, Pennsylvania

Koontz Coffee Pot

This titanic java kettle is one of the many kitschy landmarks located along America's OTHER famous highway
01 Apr 2014
Leipzig, Germany

Monument to the Battle of the Nations

This incredible stone temple is a monument to death, victory, and fantasy architecture
26 Mar 2014
Somerville, Massachusetts

Museum of Modern Renaissance

This former Masonic hall has been turned into an art project that uses even more metaphysical iconography
18 Mar 2014
Prospect Hill, North Carolina

Shangri-La Stone Village

A retired tobacco farmer's pet project turned into a sturdy miniature city
18 Mar 2014
Aosta, Italy

Solvay Hut

One of the highest emergency huts in the world has been waiting almost a century to give imperiled climbers a place to lie down
07 Mar 2014
Charleston, South Carolina

Fireproof Building

Once the most flame resistant building in the country, much of this Charleston structure was burnt in a fire
07 Mar 2014
Rome, Italy

Zuccari Palace

Architectural monsters are devouring this palace's every door and window
06 Mar 2014
Lambholm, Scotland

The Italian Chapel

This tin chapel was built by POW's during World War II and is painted to look like something much more grand
05 Mar 2014
Brussels, Belgium

Temple of Human Passions

This Greek temple, open only an hour a day, was the site of a war of tastes between an architect and an artist
28 Feb 2014
Collioure, France


Immortalized by artists, this church incorporates a medieval lighthouse into its shoreside structure
14 Feb 2014
Marousi, Greece

Athens Olympic Sports Complex

What once sat in the world’s spotlight but is today a largely disused ghost complex
14 Feb 2014
Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

King Sihanouk's Seaside Palace

A palace destined to never house a king
12 Feb 2014
Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Dushanbe Flagpole

Flying a flag as high as it goes from the tallest free-standing flagpole in the world
11 Feb 2014
St. Augustine, Florida

Fort Matanzas National Monument

This Spanish fort is made entirely of seashells
30 Jan 2014
Oakland, California

Cathedral Building

The Flatiron Building's storied West Coast cousin is a lot more into religion
29 Jan 2014
Jeongseon-gun, South Korea

Rock It Suda

A Korean rock bassist's wild dream has become a reality at this completely insane boutique hotel
20 Jan 2014
Chester, United Kingdom

Chester Rows

Mysteriously stacked storefront paths give this medieval British town an iconic style like none other
16 Jan 2014
Edmond, Oklahoma

Hopewell Baptist Church

Built from oil field parts and resembling a teepee, this abandoned mid-century church is hoping for a comeback
12 Jan 2014
Rome, Italy

Tempietto at San Pietro in Montorio

More sculpture than building, this architecturally significant temple was built on the spot of Saint Peter's crucifixion
07 Jan 2014
Willimantic, Connecticut

Thread City Crossing Bridge

Public outcry led to this bridge's unique character which celebrates a giant frog battle and also sewing
04 Jan 2014
Niagara Falls, United States

Prophet Isaiah's Second Coming House

Quite possibly the last cross all humans will ever see
30 Dec 2013
Turin, Italy

Fiat Lingotto Factory

Now an entertainment complex, the Lingotto building was once an avant-garde auto factory with a test track on the roof
27 Dec 2013