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Leffrinckoucke, France

Leffrinckoucke Bunkers

These crumbling Nazi artillery bunkers are now fair game for massive graffiti projects
10 Feb 2015
Berlin, Germany


This World War II bunker now survives as a mixture of gruesome history and cheesy scares
22 May 2014
Landrethun-le-Nord, France

Forteresse de Mimoyecques

Underneath a chalk hill in France lies what Hitler hoped would be the underground launching base for a devastating new weapon
20 Dec 2013
Allenwood, Pennsylvania

Bunkers of Alvira

Over 100 concrete munitions bunkers are all that remain of a Pennsylvanian village seized by the US government
20 Sep 2013
York, Yorkshire

York Cold War Bunker

This disused Cold War bunker has been restored to all of its early 60's glory
14 Aug 2013
Culpeper, Virginia

National Audio Visual Conservation Center

A bunker "with enough U.S. currency to replenish the cash supply east of the Mississippi" in the event of nuclear war
05 Aug 2013
Rekhovot, Israel

Machon Ayalon

Hidden beneath a washing machine in a fake kibbutz, this secret bullet factory has been preserved as a museum
05 Jun 2013
Peanut Island, Florida

The President John F. Kennedy Bunker

Built in just a little over a week this preserved bunker was created to protect our most attractive POTUS while he was on vacation
30 May 2013
Qingdao, China

The Fushan Tunnels

Forgotten German bunkers in China create a sharp cultural contrast
28 May 2013
Edinburgh, Scotland

Barnton Quarry Nuclear Bunker

Long abandoned underground complex to keep royals safe from the nuclear war that never came
27 Feb 2013
Corsham, England

Wiltshire's Secret Underground City: The Burlington Nuclear Bunker

Below a historic English market town lies a secret underground city complete with kitchens, laundries, storerooms, a pub, and an underground lake
15 Jul 2012
Elbasan County, Albania

Bunkers of Albania

Hundreds of thousands of concrete bunkers crowd Albania long after the fall of Communism
15 Jul 2011
French Lane End, England

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

On a site with a long military history, a 1980s shelter
28 Jun 2011
Cape May, New Jersey

Bunker At Cape May Point

World War II bunker still standing on the New Jersey beach
28 Jun 2011
London, England

Clapham North Deep-Level Air Raid Shelter

Abandoned bomb shelter built during World War II
16 May 2011
Dakar, Senegal

Cap Manuel's Abandoned Bunker

Perched on top of a high cliff in Senegal, this abandoned bunker looks out over the Atlantic
02 Mar 2011
White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Congressional Fallout Shelter at the Greenbrier Resort

America's post-nuclear-attack chambers of Congress
15 Jul 2010
Heuvelland, Belgium

Kemmel's Top Secret Command Bunker

A Cold War Command Center hidden under an Idyllic Countryside
08 Jul 2010
Laußig, Germany

Secret Military Bunker Kossa

The East-German military command bunker for World War 3
30 Jun 2010
Barstow, California

Vivos Underground Shelter Network for 4,000 Survivors

Nationwide network of co-ownership underground catastrophe shelters.
26 Mar 2010
Fife, Scotland

Scotland's Secret Bunker

A nuclear bunker built to shelter the politicians and important people of Scotland in case of nuclear attack
23 Mar 2010
Kristiansand, Norway

Kristiansand Kanonmuseum

The last fully functional fortress of Germany's World War II Atlantikwall
23 Feb 2010
Samara, Russia

Stalin's Bunker

Stalin's secret bunker
04 Nov 2009
Kelvedon Hatch, England

Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker

The biggest and deepest Cold War bunker open to the public in South East England
01 Sep 2009

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