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Znojmo, Czech Republic

Znojmo Catacombs

This network of conjoined cellars was riddled with traps and supposedly allowed the townspeople to pretend their homes were deserted
13 Apr 2015
Brooklyn, New York

Most Holy Trinity Cemetery

A burial ground of rusting metal gravemarkers
06 Jul 2014
Yazd, Iran

Zoroastrian Towers of Silence

Putrefaction plateaus in Iran, where the dead were sent for decontamination before going to their final resting place
10 Oct 2013
Amiens, France

Jules Verne's Tomb

Science fiction's grandfather has a fittingly marvelous tomb
26 Aug 2013
Montreal, Canada

Oratoire St. Joseph

City law dictates that this mountaintop cathedral containing the heart of a saint is to remain the tallest building in town
25 Aug 2013
Grass Valley, California

Old St. Patrick's Cemetery

Established in 1853, this crumbling cemetery sits forgotten on the corner of Church and Chapel in Gold Country
21 Aug 2013
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Old Burial Ground

This cemetery served as the only official burial grounds in Cambridge for nearly 200 years
28 Jul 2013
San Francisco, California

Buena Vista Park Tombstones

Gold Rush-era tombstones line the park's paths
25 Jul 2013
Vallejo, California

Mare Island Naval Cemetery

The oldest Naval cemetery on the West Coast
09 Jul 2013
Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle Dog Cemetery

The final resting place of soldiers' loyal canine companions
18 Mar 2013
Brooklyn, New York

First Maryland Regiment Mass Grave

The mass grave of a heroic Revolutionary War regiment sits below an empty lot near the Gowanus Canal
06 Mar 2013
Greater London, England

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

A historic London cemetery now serves as a nature park incorporating gravestones & memorial statues
12 Feb 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana

Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1

The oldest cemetery in New Orleans, resting peacefully for over 200 years now
07 Feb 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana

Saint Louis Cemetery No. 2

This "second" cemetery represents New Orleans' attempt to keep cholera at bay
07 Feb 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana

Lafayette Cemetery

This historic "City of the Dead" lies prominently in the center of New Orleans' famous Garden District
07 Feb 2013
Dargavs, Russia

North Ossetia City of the Dead

This ancient village and its adjoining cemetery have a beautiful history of death and remembrance
15 Jan 2013
Asnières-sur-Seine, France

Cemetery of the Dogs

The Cimetière des Chiens et Autres Animaux Domestiques is one of the oldest pet cemeteries in the world
10 Jan 2013
Brookfield, Massachusetts

Spooner Well

Monument on the spot where in 1778, Bathsheba Spooner had her husband Joshua killed and dumped down his own well
10 Jun 2012
Tilden, Texas

Boot Hill Cemetery

"They died with their boots on."
07 Jun 2012
Baltimore, Maryland

Elijah Bond's Ouija Board Grave

The man who first patented the Ouija Board rests in peace beneath a headstone that playfully reflects that achievement
31 May 2012
Griswold, Connecticut

Jewett City Vampires

The graves of a Connecticut family thought to be plagued by a vampire
30 May 2012
Halifax, Canada

Fairview Lawn Cemetery

The final resting place of 121 victims of the RMS Titanic, 42 of which may never be identified
15 Apr 2012
Seoul, South Korea

Seodaemun Prison

A chilling monument to Korean patriots who resisted the Japanese occupation.
23 Feb 2012
Paris, France

Foucoult's Pendulum and the Paris Pantheon

19th century pendulum and a clock restored by a rogue group of guerilla artists
19 Jan 2012
Greater London, England

The Cross Bones Graveyard

Medieval prostitute cemetery
11 Jan 2012

Nokhur Cemetery

Cemetery with goat-horn bedecked gravestones
22 Nov 2011
Cherokee, Alabama

Key Underwood Coon Dog Cemetery

A cemetery for only coon hounds in northeast Alabama
11 Nov 2011

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