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Texas City, Texas

Texas City Memorial

This memorial marks the devastating day that Texas City was destroyed in a daisy chain of exploding ships
18 Nov 2015
New Bern, North Carolina

Green Springs

This multi-story wooden waterpark offers homemade thrills
13 Oct 2015
Leavenworth, Washington

Wellington Avalanche Site

Train debris from the deadliest avalanche in United States history can still be found in the ravine where so many perished
19 Jan 2015
Gerlach, Nevada

Fly Geyser

A collision of human error and natural geothermal pressure created this rainbow-colored geologic wonder
22 Nov 2014

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

by Meg van Huygen
23 Oct 2014
Managua, Nicaragua

La Chureca

The largest garbage dump in all of Central America is home to a tragic community that make their living from the refuse
28 Aug 2014
Eureka, Missouri

Times Beach, Missouri

This former resort community was destroyed not by the motor oil it sprayed the ground with but by the toxic waste that was added
11 Aug 2014
Carhué, Argentina

Villa Epecuen

Once swallowed by flood waters, this village has emerged as an eerie shadow of its former self
11 Jun 2014
Muynak District, Uzbekistan


Once a bustling fishing port, this semi-ghost town is now more than 150km away from the shore
15 May 2014
Bath Township, Michigan

Bath School Massacre Memorial

A park and memorial dedicated to the victims of the deadliest school massacre in American history
12 May 2014

Scavenger Cities

by Chris White
07 May 2014
Franktown, Colorado

Castlewood Canyon Dam Ruins

The remains of the dam that unleashed a 15-foot wall of water on Denver
01 May 2014

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