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Costa De Morte, Spain

The Truffle

This rough experimental house was created by flooding a dirt hill with concrete
18 Apr 2014
St. Francisville, Louisiana

The Myrtles Plantation

Supposedly one of the "most haunted homes in America" it has real and very dark history
18 Apr 2014
Santiago, Chile

La Chascona

Pablo Neruda's custom-built lover's nest was made to remind him of the sea and named after his mistress' hair
27 Mar 2014
Singapore, Singapore

Katong Antique House

This jam-packed Singapore antique museum preserves the fading remnants of a uniquely mixed culture
18 Mar 2014
Pioneertown, California


Originally constructed as a western movie set, this neighborhood's frontier facade actually hides residences
14 Mar 2014
Safety Harbor, Florida


This home is decked out like a psychedelic explosion of colors and bowling balls
13 Mar 2014
Tarrytown, New York

Kykuit, the Rockefeller Estate

The home of one of America's most wealthy industrialists is now a historic site that remembers a more decadent time in the country's history
10 Mar 2014
St. Petersburg, Florida

Jack Kerouac House

The humble final home where the famous beat author wrote one of his most famous works a popular pilgrimage site for fans on the road
03 Mar 2014
Hartford , Connecticut

The Mark Twain House & Museum

The former home of Samuel Clemens and family remembers the happiest period of the author's life
28 Feb 2014
Chesterfield, New Hampshire

Madame Sherri's Castle

The former home of a Gatsby-like bon vivant is now a lovely ruin
06 Feb 2014
Kansas City, Kansas

Sauer Castle

This empty familial estate was almost certainly sent into decline thanks to the ghost stories surrounding it
05 Feb 2014
Jerusalem, Israel

Honey Bee Hive House

A geometric jumble of homes in Jerusalem
30 Jan 2014
Duluth, Minnesota

Glensheen Historic Estate

This posh mansion began as a family's estate and ended as the site of a murder ripped from the pages of a pulp novel
09 Jan 2014
Hamtramck, Michigan

Hamtramck Disneyland

A wacky two-story folk-art assemblage of carved and found objects, with lights, motion, and sound
24 Dec 2013
San Francisco de Paula, Cuba

Finca Vigía

The house that birthed The Old Man and The Sea is now a museum devoted to the old man who wrote it
10 Dec 2013
Calcutta, India

Marble Palace

This lavish estate recalls the opulent history of Calcutta
04 Dec 2013
Bern, Switzerland


This simple apartment may have inspired some of the most important theories in the history of science
04 Dec 2013
Wappingers Falls, New York

New Hamburg's Curious Guests

Trio of female dolls rotate positions and outfits daily at this strange historic home
25 Oct 2013
Florence, Italy

Stibbert Museum

Art and armour fill every inch of this rich kid's Italian villa
04 Oct 2013
Quincy, Massachusetts

Adams National Historic Park

The homestead of American patriot John Adams
24 Sep 2013
Santa Barbara, California

Franceschi Park

The home of one of California's most important horticulturalists wilts amidst a lovely park
19 Sep 2013
Calistoga, California

Castello di Amorosa

California's own medieval Italian castle, authentic down to the 300-year-old iron maiden in the dungeon
12 Sep 2013
Villisca, Iowa

Villisca Axe Murder House

A number of gruesome unsolved murders have turned this simple home into a travel attraction
09 Sep 2013
Naucalpan, Mexico

Quetzalcoatl’s Nest

An Aztec snake god has taken the material form of an apartment complex
05 Sep 2013
Queens, New York

Louis Armstrong House

The preserved house of a jazz legend still echoes with his music
04 Sep 2013
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Longfellow House

One of America's most historic homes also holds a startling literary legacy
29 Aug 2013
Jindo-gun, South Korea

Jindo-Modo Landbridge

Landbridge created by the South Korean version of Moses
11 Aug 2013
Christchurch, New Zealand

Fred and Myrtle's Paua Shell House

A New Zealand couple's shell-adorned home living room, now on display at the Canterbury Museum
06 Aug 2013
Greater London, England

Houseboats of Regents Canal

A community of artists and entrepreneurs seeks a simpler life on London's waterways
30 Jul 2013
Caracas, Venezuela

Tower of David

The world's tallest slum
14 Jul 2013