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Honomu, Hawaii

'Akaka Falls

These picturesque Hawaiian falls are home to a rare species of fish that uses a special sucker to climb up cliffs
20 Oct 2014
Jacumba, California

Endangered Bighorn Sheep In Ko-Pah

Catch a glimpse of the illusive Peninsular bighorns right off of the desert freeway
05 Dec 2013
Coleford, England


Mysterious, fantastical woodland inspiration for "The Lord of the Rings"
12 Nov 2013
Cape Town, South Africa

Seal Island

Haven for Cape Fur Seals, until the Ring of Death of jumping Great White Sharks arrives
18 Oct 2013
Clay, Kansas

The Kansas Underground Salt Museum

Home to Hollywood history and a very special salt crystal
18 Oct 2013
Qualicum Beach, Canada

Old Country Market

This country market harbors goats on its roof
17 Oct 2013
Chipley, Florida

Seacrest Wolf Preserve

Giant 400-acre preserve in North Florida for displaced wolves
16 Oct 2013
Los Angeles, California

The El Segundo Butterfly Preserve

A ghost town at the airport is now a refuge for blue butterflies
11 Oct 2013
Santa Cruz, Aruba

Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

A safe place for the wild donkeys of a hot vacation destination
04 Oct 2013
Halifax, Canada

Sable Island

This crescent-shaped sliver of sand is a magical haven for a group of wild horses
02 Oct 2013
San Francisco, California

San Francisco's Peregrine Falcons

Recovered from the brink of extinction, at home in the Financial District
26 Sep 2013
Greater London, England

Pelicans of St James's Park

Giant, friendly pelicans in Central London, the most unlikely of places
25 Sep 2013

Colorado Gators Reptile Park

The world's only reptile park to offer gator wrestling classes, located in a state with no gators
19 Sep 2013

Pronghorn of F.E. Warren Air Force Base

The same security that protects our nukes accidentally protected a gentle herd of antelope
17 Sep 2013
Krakow, Poland

The Bones of the Wawel Dragon

Real bones which are said to have belonged to a Polish dragon
16 Sep 2013
Saint-Léger-de-Peyre, France

Les Loups du Gevaudan

A sanctuary for wolves in a community which once trembled in fear of the murderous "Beast of Gévaudan"
11 Sep 2013
Singapore, Singapore

The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum

Terrapins of all colors and shapes are quick to bring fascination (and possibly long life) at this museum
04 Sep 2013
Matawan, New Jersey

Site of the New Jersey Shark Attacks of 1916

The creek where a shark wrecked terror upon New Jersey, and served as the inspiration for "Jaws"
01 Sep 2013
Brighton, England

The Booth Museum of Natural History

The natural history museum displaying the British bird collections and dioramas of Edward Booth, free of charge
21 Aug 2013
Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Trentham Monkey Forest

An open air haven for tropical monkeys in the damp moors of the English country
05 Aug 2013
Unterseen, Switzerland

Naturhistorisches Museum

Natural history museum displaying a famous taxidermied St. Bernard
29 Jul 2013
Detoirt, MI

Fallow Deer at the Belle Isle Nature Zoo

Rare deer species in captivity on the island over which they used to run free
26 Jul 2013
Monaco, Monaco

Oceanographic Museum

Museum celebrating the ocean, with the largest wunderkammer dedicated to sea exploration
26 Jul 2013
Berlin, Maryland

Assateague Island

Wild beach ponies who go for a swim each year, and the legend of a buried 18th century ship
19 Jul 2013
Greater London, England

Hackney City Farm

A flourishing garden with pigs, donkeys, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, and sheep
17 Jul 2013
Williamstown, Vermont

Knight's Spider Web Farm

The "original web site," this farm in Northern Vermont encourages orb-weaver spiders to build their daily webs, and then sells the preserved masterpieces
15 Jul 2013

Nurse Sharks of Compass Cay

They squeal, they nosh, they look like predators
02 Jul 2013