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Kiama, Australia

Kiama Blowhole

This massive water spout has been luring visitors for hundreds of years, some to their death
12 Mar 2014
Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, France

Pont d'Arc

A natural arch carved by a river gave its name to the so-called "Cave of Forgotten Dreams"
25 Feb 2014
Rio Arriba , New Mexico

Echo Amphitheater

Natural sonic phenomenon comes with a grisly legend of murder and blood
25 Feb 2014
Pai, Thailand

Pai Canyon

Bizarre dirt trail winds a narrow path above the tree line
25 Feb 2014
Schooner Gulch State Beach, California

Bowling Ball Beach

The mysterious round rocks of Schooner Gulch
14 Feb 2014
Pyramid Mountain, New Jersey

Tripod Rock

This massive boulder is either a unique rock formation created by glacial melt or a magic energy vortex
17 Jan 2014
Gozo, Malta

The Azure Window and the Blue Hole

Two geological phenomena in one precarious locale: a towering stone window, and a deep blue void
07 Jan 2014
Kashgar, China

Shipton's Arch

The world's largest natural arch was forgotten for over 50 years after its discovery
06 Jan 2014
Torwood, Scotland

Torwood Blue Pool

The mystery of this small, brick pond eluded its possibly only investigator until his death
23 Dec 2013
Lucca, Italy

Pietra Di Bismantova

An Italian geologic wonder that served as the inspiration for the landscape of Dante's hell
13 Dec 2013
Minbu, Myanmar

Minbu Mud Volcanoes

These muddy eruptions are less deadly than actual volcanoes but also more holy
04 Nov 2013

Pumpkin Spring Pool

Arsenic pool in the Grand Canyon takes on the appearance of a giant, overflowing pumpkin
30 Oct 2013
Elka Park, New York

Dibbles Quarry

An abandoned 19th century quarry in the middle of the woods, remade by unnamed wanderers into a massive series of rock thrones
22 Oct 2013

Earthquake Lake

An apocalyptic seismic event creates a deadly chain reaction that ends with a 6-mile long lake developing within weeks
18 Oct 2013
Division No. 9, Subd. A, Canada

The Tablelands

This rocky spread has been squeezed up directly from the bowels of the earth
01 Oct 2013
Isla de Pascua, Chile

The Navel of the World

This large round boulder is said to emit spiritual power, but it may just be magnets
26 Sep 2013
Glasgow, Scotland

Govan Stones

Early Medieval stones sit on display at the beautiful Govan Old Church in Glasgow
23 Sep 2013
Inyo, California

Fossil Falls

Smooth basaltic rocks tell a tale of ancient glacial waterfalls
12 Sep 2013
Vernal, Utah

Fantasy Canyon

Sandstone rock formations that look like they belong on the cover of a progressive rock album
10 Sep 2013
Quincy, Massachusetts

Quincy Quarries Reservation

Formerly deadly abandoned quarries are now a rock climber's playground
05 Sep 2013
Haixi, China

Baigong Pipes

Are these prehistoric metal pipes evidence of alien plumbers? Nope, but they are amazing nonetheless
04 Sep 2013
Cervantes, Australia

The Pinnacles

Alien rock formations grown from the sands of an Australian national park
29 Aug 2013
Syracuse, Italy

Ear of Dionysius

Italian cave with exceptional acoustics and an unsavory history
26 Aug 2013
Frontera, Spain

El Hierro

This Canary island is a quintessential example of nature’s beauty, and its unbridled fury
21 Aug 2013
South Pasadena, California

Devil's Gate

An unfortunate geological resemblance to Satan has labeled this Pasadena gorge as a passage to the underworld
20 Aug 2013
Amsterdam, Holland

Electric Ladyland - The Museum of Fluorescent Art

The world's only museum devoted to the wonders of fluorescence
20 Aug 2013
West Bay, Cayman Islands

Hell, Grand Cayman

Send a postcard while vacationing with Satan
20 Aug 2013
Gurvansaikhan, Mongolia

Booming Dunes of Badain Jaran Desert

The tallest stationary dunes on Earth also happen to sing
19 Aug 2013
Saint-Pierre, Martinique

The Prison Cell of Ludger Sylbaris

The cell which saved the life of Ludger Sylbaris, "the man who lived through Doomsday"
13 Aug 2013