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Amsterdam, Holland

Electric Ladyland - The Museum of Fluorescent Art

The world's only museum devoted to the wonders of fluorescence
29 Oct 2014
Chamarel, Mauritius

Seven Coloured Earths

This small group of sand dunes manages to pack in a strange rainbow colors
28 Oct 2014
Carcross, Canada

Carcross Desert

This tiny square mile of Canadian sand was once considered the world's smallest desert
23 Oct 2014
San Juan County, New Mexico

Bisti Badlands

Seemingly grown on some other world, these New Mexico rock formations look like a disused science fiction set
31 Aug 2014
Vagar, Norway

Lake Sørvágsvatn

The largest lake in the Faroe Islands seems to be held hundreds of feet above sea level thanks to an optical illusion
21 Aug 2014
West Liberty, Ohio

Ohio Caverns

These sub-farmland caves are home to a majestic stalactite known as the "Crystal King"
19 Aug 2014
Morrill County, Nebraska

Chimney Rock

This erect geological spire was not always named so domestically since the native inhabitants of the area thought it looked more like a penis
18 Aug 2014
Berserkjahraun, Iceland


This scenic Icelandic lava flow is named for a pair of berserkers who were murdered according in a famous Saga
18 Aug 2014
Sardinia, Italy


The titular "little arch" near this Italian resort is one of the most popular diving spots in the country
13 Aug 2014
Kato Kastania, Greece

Kastania's Cave

This remarkable Greek show cave was discovered by watching bees use it as a sort of spa
18 Jul 2014
Calhan, Colorado

Paint Mines Interpretive Park

The colorful clay that once provided pigment for American Indian pottery still looks like natural psychedelia
08 Jul 2014
Mui Ne, Vietnam

The Fairy Stream

This whimsically named Vietnamese stream is closer to a walkway than a waterway
27 Jun 2014
Inyo County, California

Bishop Tuff

Eons old volcanic activity created one of the most stunning rock formations in the United States
26 Jun 2014
Pyramid Lake, Nevada

Pyramid Lake

This Nevada lake holds not only its titular natural pyramid but if the legends are true, a number of baby ghosts as well
19 Jun 2014
Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia

Mount Rogers

The highest point in Virginia can only be reached by passing through ponies and flowers
04 Jun 2014
Freeport , Maine

The Desert of Maine

This tiny patch of arid sand sits in one of the greenest states in the union
22 May 2014

Mars in the Mojave

by Erin Johnson
21 May 2014
Michigan City, Indiana

Mysterious Sinkholes of Mt. Baldy

A chilling disappearance (and rescue) of a child uncovers a geological mystery
14 May 2014
United Kingdom

Seven Sisters Cliffs

These stark white cliffs were spat up by the sea and are slowly being retaken by it
07 May 2014
Taum Sauk Mountain, Missouri

Taum Sauk Mountain

In the St. Francois Mountains in the Ozarks at 1,772 feet above sea level, Taum Sauk Mountain is the highest (and possibly oldest) peak in Missouri
06 May 2014
Lewis, Kansas

Monument Rocks

One of the Eight Wonders of Kansas and the first official National Natural Monument these stark formations look like nature's Stonehenge
01 May 2014
Stanton, Mississippi

The Emerald Mound

The second-largest ceremonial mound in the United States is an artificial hill that is loosely shaped like a pentagram
28 Apr 2014
Kiama, Australia

Kiama Blowhole

This massive water spout has been luring visitors for hundreds of years, some to their death
12 Mar 2014
Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, France

Pont d'Arc

A natural arch carved by a river gave its name to the so-called "Cave of Forgotten Dreams"
25 Feb 2014
Rio Arriba , New Mexico

Echo Amphitheater

Natural sonic phenomenon comes with a grisly legend of murder and blood
25 Feb 2014
Pai, Thailand

Pai Canyon

Bizarre dirt trail winds a narrow path above the tree line
25 Feb 2014
Schooner Gulch State Beach, California

Bowling Ball Beach

The mysterious round rocks of Schooner Gulch
14 Feb 2014