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Nara, Japan

Nara Dreamland

The abandoned Japanese amusement park that continues to loom as a dystopian Disneyland
12 Nov 2014
Hachimantai, Japan

Matsuo Mine

Abandoned Japanese ghost town gives a glimpse into what our own metropolises may leave behind
24 Jul 2013
Noboribetsu, Japan

The China Park of Heaven - Tenkaen

After a short 5 year run, this former major theme park sits in ruin
24 Jun 2013
Byron, California

Byron Hot Springs Hotel

A ruined hotel with an unlucky history and an eerie present
24 Feb 2013
Agano, Japan

Japan's Abandoned Russian Village - Niigata Russian Village

A failed Russian themed village and amusement park in Niigata prefecture
15 Feb 2010
Naka Ward, Japan

The Hotel Royal

This seven story Japanese love hotel now stands in ruins
03 Jan 2010
Mito, Japan

The Pearl Love Hotel

The ruin of a Japanese love hotel almost completely overgrown with brambles
23 Dec 2009
Mito, Japan

Akeno Gekijo: Ruined Japanese Stripclub

This ruined Japanese stripclub sits half burnt to the ground
23 Dec 2009
Mito, Japan

The Queen Chateau Soapland

The ruins of Japan’s premier water brothel
22 Dec 2009
Higashiyamato, Japan

The Akasaka Love Hotel

Demolished - The gaudy ruins of a poorly located Japanese Love Hotel
21 Dec 2009

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