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Tinajo, Spain

Timanfaya National Park

Visit a surreal landscape so otherworldly NASA actually used it for training the Apollo 17 crew
07 Jan 2016
Banyuputih, Indonesia

Kawah Ijen

Think you have a tough job? Try carrying 200 kilos through a cloud of sulfur down the side of a volcano
31 Dec 2015

Haughton Impact Crater

The closest thing to Mars on Earth
28 Dec 2015

Mt. Erebus

Fire meets ice at the southernmost volcano on Earth
28 Dec 2015
Kerch, Ukraine

Koyashskoe Salt Lake

The saltiest lake in all of Crimea is also the pinkest of the pink and teeming with life
03 Nov 2015

100 Wonders: Blood Falls

by Dylan Thuras
15 Sep 2015
Qurnat As Sawda, Lebanon

Qurnat As Sawda

Lebanon's highest point offers expansive views, martian terrains, and eerie ski lifts
19 Jun 2015
Oymyakonsky District, Russia


The villagers of the coldest inhabited place on Earth adjust to unique challenges presented by day-to-day living
24 Dec 2014
Gerlach, Nevada

Fly Geyser

A collision of human error and natural geothermal pressure created this rainbow-colored geologic wonder
22 Nov 2014
Lane County, Oregon

Dee Wright Observatory

While it is not equipped to peer into outer space this observatory looks like it was built on the moon
08 Jul 2014
Minbu, Myanmar (Burma)

Minbu Mud Volcanoes

These muddy eruptions are less deadly than actual volcanoes but also more holy
03 Nov 2013

Lithified Sand Dunes

A prehistoric landscape hidden in the cliffs of Kilauea, Hawaii
14 Oct 2013
Monduli, Tanzania

Lake Natron

A salty red hell on the border of Kenya and Tanzania breeds endangered flamingos
02 Oct 2013
Haixi, China

Baigong Pipes

Are these prehistoric metal pipes evidence of alien plumbers? Nope, but they are amazing nonetheless
03 Sep 2013
West Bay, Cayman Islands

Hell, Grand Cayman

Send a postcard while vacationing with Satan
19 Aug 2013
Gurvansaikhan, Mongolia

Booming Dunes of Badain Jaran Desert

The tallest stationary dunes on Earth also happen to sing
18 Aug 2013
Isle of Anglesey, Wales

Parys Mountain

The remains of centuries of copper mining appear like an alien landscape
25 Jul 2013
Sierra Bullones, Philippines

Chocolate Hills

Bohol's mysterious brown hills
07 Jul 2013
French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Kerguelen Islands

French scientists make up the majority of the few humans to occupy this remote island in the extreme southern Indian Ocean
26 Jun 2013
Qujing, China


Vibrant soil and a canvas of crops create China's "Red Land"
30 May 2013
Green River, Utah

Goblin Valley State Park

Bizarre lunar-like landscape with thousands of large stone "hoodoos"
29 May 2013

Athabasca Sand Dunes

The most northerly sand dunes in the world have some very rare botanical residents
25 May 2013
Beppu, Japan

Chinoike Jigoku

Steaming blood-red hot spring from hell
12 May 2013
Mitchell, Oregon

Painted Hills

Oregon's unexpected high desert, displaying layers of time in a colorful show
08 May 2013
Inyo County, California

Saline Valley Hot Springs

A hard-to-reach oasis in a desolate corner of Death Valley National Park
04 Apr 2013
Broken Hill, Australia

Broken Hill Sculpture Symposium

Twelve sculptures designed to make their best showing with the coming or going of the sun
26 Mar 2013


A sulfuric martian landscape that looks far better than it smells
23 Mar 2013

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