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Th Nimmanhaemin, Thailand

The World Museum of Insects and Natural Wonders

This extensive collection of dead bugs may be the world's most idiosyncratic and personal insect museum
08 Feb 2016
Colmar, France

Bartholdi Museum

The birthplace of the builder of the Statue of Liberty is now a museum dedicated to his work
03 Feb 2016
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Center for PostNatural History

This museum is dedicated to remembering the ways in which humanity is messing with evolution
01 Feb 2016
Pavia, Italy

Anatomical Theatre at the University of Pavia

This 18th-century dissection theater's frescoes display a gorgeous tension between the terrestrial and esoteric
27 Jan 2016
Abilene, Kansas

The Greyhound Hall of Fame

A museum where visitors can learn about greyhounds and (importantly) pet them
27 Jan 2016
Augsburg, Germany

Augsburger Puppenkiste

This famed marionette theater and museum is bursting with imaginative string puppets
26 Jan 2016
Hoenderloo, Netherlands

Netherlands Electricity and Radio Museum

This small electronics museum is full of whirring, humming, clicking ephemera
12 Jan 2016
Eichenau, Germany

Peppermint Museum

This small town in Germany was once a center of peppermint production, and has the museum to prove it
08 Jan 2016
Linthicum Heights, Maryland

National Electronics Museum

Electronic inventions that resulted in products and systems we use every day are on display in this labor-of-love museum
08 Jan 2016
Florence, Italy

La Specola Anatomical Collection

The largest and most famous wax anatomical collection anywhere in the world
31 Dec 2015
Mitaka, Japan

Ghibli Museum

A magical place that lets you play in and explore the world of Studio Ghibli
30 Dec 2015
Cleveland, Ohio

A Christmas Story House and Museum

The home made famous by the 1983 holiday classic is now a perfectly preserved shrine to the movie
25 Dec 2015
Montrose, South Dakota

Porter Sculpture Park

A roadside collection of over-sized iron creations that are a bit more macabre than most
21 Dec 2015
Chantilly, Virginia

Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy Center

At Washington's Dulles Airport is a satellite museum (no pun intended) with three quarters of a million square feet of aircraft history
17 Dec 2015
Sandefjord, Norway

Sandefjord Museum

Europe's only museum solely dedicated to the history of whaling still has a fully-functioning whaling ship
03 Dec 2015
Fatih, Turkey

The Spoonmaker's Diamond

No one is sure if the world's fourth-largest diamond had been found in a rubbish heap or was pawned by Napoleon's mom
01 Dec 2015
Yeal, Australia

The Leaning Tower of Gingin

The world's "leaniest" tower encourages you to test the gravity of its situation
01 Dec 2015
Prague, Czech Republic

Batalion Comic Book Museum and Club

This bar and museum is devoted to the controversial comic book work of Kája Saudek
30 Nov 2015
Roskilde, Denmark

Roskilde Viking Ship Museum

Nordic giants resurrected from the sea and restored to their former greatness
25 Nov 2015
Kazan, Russia

Soviet Lifestyle Museum

This nostalgic Russian museum is full of USSR cultural artifacts from the 1970s and 80s
24 Nov 2015
Sochaczew, Poland

Sochaczew Narrow Gauge Railway Museum

This unique railroad museum secretly contains the history of Poland rebuilding itself from the inside-out
20 Nov 2015
Toledo, Ohio

Blair Museum of Lithophanes

This unique collection collects pieces of art etched into thin pieces of stone
10 Nov 2015
Roatán, Honduras

Bay Islands Underwater Museum

This collection of historical artifacts and tropical wildlife waits just beneath the surface of the water
06 Nov 2015
Vermillion, South Dakota

National Music Museum

One of the world's most definitive collections of musical instruments, spanning all cultures and historical periods
05 Nov 2015
Prague, Czech Republic

KGB Muzeum

One man's personal collection of KGB memorabilia is presented along with his strange viewpoint
05 Nov 2015
Oudewater, Netherlands

Witches' Weigh House

The giant scales in this museum can still tell if someone is one of the devil's brides just by weight
03 Nov 2015
Guthrie, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Territorial Museum

Home to the story of the outlaw turned funhouse mummy, Elmer McCurdy
30 Oct 2015
Kolomyia, Ukraine

Pysanka Museum

Welcome to the world's only museum dedicated to the Ukranian easter egg
30 Oct 2015

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