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Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Museum Stemmler

This taxidermilogical collection was assembled by a peltmonger turned animal activist
23 Apr 2014
Dublin, Ireland

Dublin General Post Office

The modern birthplace of Irish freedom
22 Apr 2014
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach Colored School Museum

This small museum dedicated to the painful memory of segregation is essentially a time capsule
17 Apr 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada

Burlesque Hall of Fame

This institution collects the history of burlesque dancing with a titillating collection of ephemera and pasties
11 Apr 2014
Montreal, Canada

Emile Berliner Museum of Sound

This indiscriminate collection of audio antiques is trying to preserve the history of the audio industry one vintage appliance at a time
10 Apr 2014
Vienna, Austria

Museum of Contraception and Abortion

This controversial museum promotes informed contraception by documenting its often secret past
09 Apr 2014
South Hadley, Massachusetts

Joseph Allen Skinner Museum

One philanthropist's extensive collection of knick-knacks and curiosities is now a public museum of oddity
08 Apr 2014
Sandown, Isle of Wight

Dinosaur Isle

This purpose-built dinosaur museum is shaped like a pterodactyl and holds fossils that were found in its very village
07 Apr 2014
Hampshire, United Kingdom

HMS Alliance Submarine Museum

This colossal war machine is now a living museum dedicated to underwater warfare
07 Apr 2014
Laconia, New Hampshire

American Classic Arcade Museum

The largest arcade museum in the world chronicles the golden age of video games which ended promptly in 1987
04 Apr 2014
Corning, New York

Corning Museum of Glass

Dedicated to the art and science of glass in equal measure, this fragile exhibition is as much laboratory as museum
01 Apr 2014
Singapore, Singapore

Katong Antique House

This jam-packed Singapore antique museum preserves the fading remnants of a uniquely mixed culture
18 Mar 2014
Lusaka, Zambia

Lusaka National Museum's Witchcraft Exhibit

Artifacts showcasing the witchy history of Zambia
13 Mar 2014
Amherst , Massachusetts

Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

Founded by the famed children's book artist, this museum spreads an appreciation of the arts through picture books
12 Mar 2014
Inverness, Scotland

Titanic Inverness Maritime Museum

The Titanic sails again in one Scotland man's backyard
11 Mar 2014
Cold Spring Harbor, New York

The Whaling Museum

Whale bones, scrimshaw, and sperm oil make up just a part of this comprehensive collection of whaling history
10 Mar 2014
Glasgow, Scotland

Sharmanka Kintetic Theatre

The elaborate clockwork contraptions in this Scottish gallery create small worlds of whimsy and horror
24 Feb 2014
Bishopville , South Carolina

The Button Museum

A hobby born from insomnia has turned into a hanger full of objects that have been be-buttoned by the Button King
18 Feb 2014
Sandwich, Massachusetts

Sandwich Glass Museum

This delicate museum is devoted to the art and industry that once supported Cape Cod's oldest town
13 Feb 2014
Oostende, Belgium

James Ensor House

The former home of a trailblazing surrealist is still filled with haunting dolls and grim paintings
13 Feb 2014
Budapest, Hungary

Hospital in the Rock

A museum dedicated to a secret military hospital hidden beneath a castle in Budapest
12 Feb 2014
Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Amna Suraka Prison

A bloody history is captured in this prison turned museum
11 Feb 2014
Hickory Corners, Michigan

Midwest Miniatures Museum

A quaint miniatures museum that turns its focus towards the lives of Americans in a simpler time
06 Feb 2014
Bologna, Olaszország

Museum for the Memory of Ustica

The wreckage of a tragic plane crash is on display at this museum devoted to a famous Italian conspiracy
05 Feb 2014
Istanbul, Turkey

The Museum of Innocence

This museum was invented in a novel before being made real by the author
04 Feb 2014
Nevada City, California

Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum

"You don't need a rocket scientist to build a steam engine, but we've got one." -Museum docent on the credentials of a restoration volunteer
04 Feb 2014
Los Angeles, California

Walt Disney's Carolwood Barn

The famous animator's private station house and man-cave was the birthplace of imagineering
03 Feb 2014
Dresden, Germany

Green Vault

The largest treasure hoard in Europe is contained in a castle that was bombed out during World War II
29 Jan 2014