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New York, New York

The Burns Archive

A staggering collection of photographs depicting medical, social, and historical change
09 Oct 2015
Budapest, Hungary

Pbal Gallery

Sitting beneath an unremarkable residential building is a museum devoted to the flippers
07 Oct 2015
Saint James, Missouri

Vacuum Cleaner Museum and Factory Outlet

Over 600 vacuum cleaners stack the shelves of what may be the cleanest museum in America
24 Sep 2015
Maysville, Kentucky

Harriet Beecher Stowe, Slavery to Freedom Museum

This small museum is kept in a house that was integral to the genesis of Uncle Tom's Cabin
23 Sep 2015
Diamond, Missouri

World's Largest Small Electric Appliance Museum

Thousands of small machines line the shelves of this personal collection which definitely delivers on its name
23 Sep 2015
İstanbul, Turkey

Orient Express Museum at Sirkeci Terminal

The legendary luxury train passage is commemorated with a charming museum inside its former eastern terminus
21 Sep 2015
Essen, Germany

Soul of Africa Museum

Tucked away in a small German apartment is an eclectic museum devoted to West African vodun culture
17 Sep 2015
Uxbridge, England

Battle Of Britain Bunker

Visit the WWII bunker where the British won the battle for the skies
16 Sep 2015
Týnec nad Sázavou, Czech Republic

Military Technical Museum of Lesany

This Czech military museum is home to pink tank that was once a symbol of art and political rebellion
08 Sep 2015
Crockett, California

Bailey Art Museum

Junkbots and mud babies are the masterpieces in this fantastically sci-fi art museum
01 Sep 2015
London, England

John Harrison's Marine Chronometers

The handiwork of a underdog clockmaker who solved an impossible problem for an Empire, and forever revolutionized seafaring
17 Aug 2015
Kassel, Germany

Museum of Sepulchral Culture

This German museum is devoted to all aspects of grave culture from headstones to coffins
16 Aug 2015
Great Missenden, England

The Roald Dahl Museum

This magical museum celebrates the life and work of one of the seminal children's book writer and spy
13 Aug 2015
London, England

Leighton House Museum

This artist's home turned gallery/museum preserves the creator's love of "Eastern" influences
10 Aug 2015
Dhangadhi, Nepal

Aircrafts Museum

Nepal's first aviation museum found a logical home in the most unexpected place
07 Aug 2015
Jonesport, Maine

Maine Coast Sardine History Museum

This tiny coastal collection celebrates the area's history of canning a much maligned fish
07 Aug 2015
Seoul, South Korea

Owl Art and Craft Museum

One man's lifetime collection of tiny objects of wisdom gathered from around the world, on display for public enjoyment
31 Jul 2015
Trenton, New Jersey

Old Barracks Museum

One of New Jersey's oldest surviving buildings still bears the mark of our former British overlords
31 Jul 2015
Kadıköy, Turkey

Baris Manco House and Museum

The home-turned-museum of Barış Manço, the mustachioed Turkish Elvis for children
29 Jul 2015
Blumenau, Brazil

Fritz Müller Ecology Museum

This small Brazilian museum honors the work of a German biologist who studied the jungles for decades
27 Jul 2015
New York, New York

Nicholas Roerich Museum

This small New York museum celebrates the mountainous artwork of a Russian mystic
24 Jul 2015
Berlin, Germany

Museum der Dinge

From toys to kettles to scientific instruments, this German museum celebrates the beauty of 20th century design
23 Jul 2015
Colma, California

Colma Historical Association

This odd little museum holds exhibits on everything from blacksmith equipment to hair jewelry
23 Jul 2015
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Guantanamo Bay Museum of Art and History

The former dubiously-legal detention center turned institution for cultural exchange
13 Jul 2015
East Liverpool, Ohio

Sturgis House Mortuary Museum

This tiny museum kept in a B&B laundry room holds the death mask of notorious bank robber Pretty Boy Floyd
09 Jul 2015
Formerum, Netherlands


Pull up and have a drink at a museum filled with hundreds of years worth of shipwreck artifacts
08 Jul 2015
New Orleans, Louisiana

House of Dance & Feathers

An endearing museum dedicated to preserving the heritage of Mardi Gras' most beloved underdog parades
02 Jul 2015

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