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Amsterdam, New York

The Wildlife Sports and Educational Museum

This sprawling taxidermy collection celebrates the art and history of sport hunting
29 Jul 2014
Halifax, Canada

The Titanic Mortuary Bag at The Maritime Museum of The Atlantic

A morbid piece of memorabilia from the most famous shipwreck in current history is just one of the many poignant artifacts in this Canadian collection
15 Jul 2014
Baddeck, Canada

Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site

This Canadian monument to the man who invented the telephone allows visitors to get up close and personal with the artifacts of his life
15 Jul 2014
Ellsworth, Maine

Telephone Museum

As communication goes completely wireless, this Maine museum remembers all the wires that got us to this point
11 Jul 2014
Rouen, France

Musee Flaubert et d'Histoire de la Medecine

Located in the house where Gustave Flaubert was born, this odd museum has more to do with medical grotesquery than the Western novel
08 Jul 2014
St. Petersburg , Russia

Russian Vodka Museum

The past, present, and future of Russia's signature alcohol is remembered in the world's only museum dedicated to the starchy spirit
03 Jul 2014
Williamsburg, Michigan

Spirit of the Woods Museum

Part taxidermy workshop, part natural history museum this Michigan destination shows off its dead animals and helps you mount your own
03 Jul 2014
Stonington, Connecticut

Mystic Seaport

Holding multiple historical boats and an entire 19th century village, this New England attraction is the largest maritime museum in the world
30 Jun 2014
Petersham, Massachusetts

Fisher Museum Forestry Dioramas

This series of landscape dioramas tell the story of New England forestry in exacting miniature detail
27 Jun 2014
Carlsbad, California

Craftsmanship Museum

This large collection of tiny things revels in the art of fine machinery well made
26 Jun 2014
Lloydminster, Canada

Fuchs Wildlife Exhibit

This Canadian exhibit with claims as the largest one man taxidermy collection in North America
25 Jun 2014
San Diego, California

San Diego Museum of Man

An extraordinarily ornate museum in San Diego holds wondrous anthropological treasures
24 Jun 2014
Westfjords, Iceland


The Icelandic Sea Monster Museum explores the area's history of aquatic cryptid sightings
23 Jun 2014
San Bernardino, California

Unofficial McDonald's Museum

This unlicensed collection of fast food memorabilia sits on the site of the first ever McDonald's restaurant
23 Jun 2014
Jerusalem, Israel

Saba's Little Museum

Through a collection of modern bric-a-brac this museum tells the story of the Jewish people from Biblical times to today
20 Jun 2014
Glasgow, Scotland

St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art

This Scottish museum is the only one in the world to focus not on one religion but all of them
17 Jun 2014
Zugarramurdi , Spain

Zugarramurdi Witch Museum

The daily lives of the victims of the single largest witch trial in history are recreated in this Basque museum
13 Jun 2014
Lisbon, Portugal

National Coach Museum

An exquisite collection of fairytale conveyances that puts most car museums to shame
12 Jun 2014
Graz, Austria

Styrian Armoury

The world's largest historic armory was established by independent citizens to defend themselves from the wars of larger forces
10 Jun 2014
Silverton , Australia

Mad Max 2 Museum

This shrine to film's most iconic wasteland wanderer is located in the very outback where the movies were shot
10 Jun 2014
Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Rose Museum

Said to be the only museum in the world dedicated to the most classic of all blooms, the rose
06 Jun 2014
Berlin, Germany

hatch Sticker Museum

This little museum is making sure that the art and history of the graffiti sticker is not scraped from history
03 Jun 2014
Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Abandoned Dioramas of the Old Grand Rapids Public Museum

The museum moved on, but the diorama remain
01 Jun 2014
Prague, Czech Republic

Sex Machines Museum

The first museum in the world devoted to sexual gadgetry
30 May 2014
Laredo, Texas

Republic of the Rio Grande Museum

Seven flags adorn this Texas museum, one for each of the powers that have ruled the area
30 May 2014
Gibsland, Louisiana

Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum

A museum dedicated to the lovable crime couple Bonnie & Clyde, just a few miles away from the site of their early demise
29 May 2014
Canela, Brasil

Mundo a Vapor

This attraction is devoted to the wonders of steam power and features a replica of one of its most public disasters
23 May 2014
Montgomery, Alabama

F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum

The former home of the hard partying literary power couple is now one of the only museums devoted to their story
23 May 2014
Oak Park, Illinois

Ernest Hemingway Birthplace and Museum

The famous author's birthplace is preserved in a town that he once described as narrow-minded
21 May 2014
Blaenafon, Torfaen

Big Pit National Coal Museum

Go deep down into the earth to experience the world of Welsh coal miners
15 May 2014