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Roskilde, Denmark

Roskilde Viking Ship Museum

Nordic giants resurrected from the sea and restored to their former greatness
25 Nov 2015
Kazan, Russia

Soviet Lifestyle Museum

This nostalgic Russian museum is full of USSR cultural artifacts from the 1970s and 80s
24 Nov 2015
Sochaczew, Poland

Sochaczew Narrow Gauge Railway Museum

This unique railroad museum secretly contains the history of Poland rebuilding itself from the inside-out
20 Nov 2015
Toledo, Ohio

Blair Museum of Lithophanes

This unique collection collects pieces of art etched into thin pieces of stone
10 Nov 2015
Roatán, Honduras

Bay Islands Underwater Museum

This collection of historical artifacts and tropical wildlife waits just beneath the surface of the water
06 Nov 2015
Vermillion, South Dakota

National Music Museum

One of the world's most definitive collections of musical instruments, spanning all cultures and historical periods
05 Nov 2015
Prague, Czech Republic

KGB Muzeum

One man's personal collection of KGB memorabilia is presented along with his strange viewpoint
05 Nov 2015
Oudewater, Netherlands

Witches' Weigh House

The giant scales in this museum can still tell if someone is one of the devil's brides just by weight
03 Nov 2015
Guthrie, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Territorial Museum

Home to the story of the outlaw turned funhouse mummy, Elmer McCurdy
30 Oct 2015
Kolomyia, Ukraine

Pysanka Museum

Welcome to the world's only museum dedicated to the Ukranian easter egg
30 Oct 2015
Panama City Beach, Florida

Man in the Sea Museum

A graveyard of bathyspheres and diving bells paints a weirdly accurate account of ocean exploration's rickety history
29 Oct 2015
Chester, South Carolina

Chester County Historical Society Museum

This historic museum is home to the rare Confederate Chester Gun
26 Oct 2015
Saint Augustine, Florida

Wolf's Museum of Mystery

This curio museum seems like the type of place you might find a mogwai or a monkey's paw
23 Oct 2015
Salt Lake City, Utah

The Pioneer Memorial Museum

This museum remembers the tough Mormon trek across America through bizarre artifacts
22 Oct 2015
Clark County, Nevada

Lost City Museum

Preserving the remains of Native American cultures which otherwise would have been submerged behind Hoover Dam
21 Oct 2015
Lüneburg, Germany

German Salt Museum

This German museum devoted to the simple wonders of salt is actually built over an old saltworks
16 Oct 2015
Carville, Louisiana

Hansen's Disease Museum

A collection that chronicles the history of a leper colony that became a refuge
15 Oct 2015
Kansas City, Missouri

The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures

One of the finest toy museums in the world can be found in a Missouri mansion, for so long as it fits
14 Oct 2015
Willow Creek, California

China Flat Museum Bigfoot Collection

This little museum has an exhibit devoted to the elusive sasquatch
12 Oct 2015
New York, New York

The Burns Archive

A staggering collection of photographs depicting medical, social, and historical change
09 Oct 2015
Budapest, Hungary

Pbal Gallery

Sitting beneath an unremarkable residential building is a museum devoted to the flippers
07 Oct 2015
Saint James, Missouri

Vacuum Cleaner Museum and Factory Outlet

Over 600 vacuum cleaners stack the shelves of what may be the cleanest museum in America
24 Sep 2015
Maysville, Kentucky

Harriet Beecher Stowe, Slavery to Freedom Museum

This small museum is kept in a house that was integral to the genesis of Uncle Tom's Cabin
23 Sep 2015
Diamond, Missouri

World's Largest Small Electric Appliance Museum

Thousands of small machines line the shelves of this personal collection which definitely delivers on its name
23 Sep 2015
İstanbul, Turkey

Orient Express Museum at Sirkeci Terminal

The legendary luxury train passage is commemorated with a charming museum inside its former eastern terminus
21 Sep 2015
Essen, Germany

Soul of Africa Museum

Tucked away in a small German apartment is an eclectic museum devoted to West African vodun culture
17 Sep 2015
Uxbridge, England

Battle Of Britain Bunker

Visit the WWII bunker where the British won the battle for the skies
16 Sep 2015
Týnec nad Sázavou, Czech Republic

Military Technical Museum of Lesany

This Czech military museum is home to pink tank that was once a symbol of art and political rebellion
08 Sep 2015
Crockett, California

Bailey Art Museum

Junkbots and mud babies are the masterpieces in this fantastically sci-fi art museum
01 Sep 2015

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