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Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden Solar System

The world's largest model of our planetary system
30 Dec 2015
Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi Zoological Museum - Bao tang Dong vat

A French-Colonial era collection of taxidermy and wet specimens, secreted away in the National University of Hanoi
29 Dec 2015
Oregon City, Oregon

Tree Climbing Planet

This Oregon farm is dedicated to teaching people the professional art of tree climbing
29 Jul 2015
Harrison, Nebraska

Hudson-Meng Bison Kill

Two ranchers went digging for water and came up with bones – lots and lots of them
07 Jul 2015
Shanghai, China

Shanghai Natural Museum

This ratty natural history collection is a charming relic among a city rushing into modernity
25 Feb 2015
Fairbanks, Alaska

Aurora Ice Museum

Mind-blowing carvings and fantasy ice scenes grace the largest year-round ice environment in the world
27 Jan 2015
Meguro, Japan

Meguro Parasitological Museum

Meet the world's longest tapeworm in a collection that really gets under your skin
12 Nov 2014
Skowhegan, Maine

L.C. Bates Museum

This eclectic natural history collection holds everything from a bit of the trans-atlantic cable to Hemingway's marlin
08 Oct 2014
Reading, England

Cole Museum of Zoology

This natural history collection contains the bones of a circus elephant that seem to be chasing a whale skeleton
06 Oct 2014
Washington, District of Columbia

Martha, the Last Passenger Pigeon

The last known passenger pigeon, Martha's remains serve as a tool to educate about conservation
06 Jun 2014
Blackville, South Carolina

God's Acre Healing Springs

This natural spring not only claims to heal the wounded but it has also been willed to God
21 Mar 2014
Lehi, Utah

Museum of Ancient Life

Largest collection of mounted dinosaur specimens in the world
25 Dec 2013
Vienna, Austria

Naturhistorisches Museum

Beautiful Austrian natural history museum with carved ceilings and row after row of ancient taxidermy
25 Dec 2013
Oxford, England

Oxford Museum of Natural History

Home to the most complete dodo remains known - one head, and one foot
21 Nov 2013
West Rand, South Africa

Sterkfontein Caves

Caves that can't seem to quit producing the remains of prehistoric humans
18 Nov 2013
Villaggio Monte Busca, Italy

Monte Busca Volcano

This natural gas vent certainly earns its name as the smallest volcano in Italy
13 Oct 2013
Iowa City, Iowa

University of Iowa Museum of Natural History

The oldest university museum west of the Mississippi retains its 19th century feel
16 Sep 2013
Beijing, China

Paleozoological Museum of China

A bisected journey through evolution's history in the heart of Beijing
09 Sep 2013

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