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Gablenz, Germany


This jaw-dropping 19th-century bridge uses its reflection to form a perfect circle
11 Nov 2014
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Electric Ladyland - The Museum of Fluorescent Art

The world's only museum devoted to the wonders of fluorescence
29 Oct 2014
New York

Surreal Elevator

Nondescript elevator doors open to reveal a stunning, surreal world
03 Dec 2013

Ghost in the Rainbow

by Annetta Black
25 Oct 2013
Gurdon, Arkansas

The Gurdon Light

A mysterious light floating in the trees of Gurdon, Arkansas may be a piezoelectric effect
14 Oct 2013
Sankt Andreasberg, Germany

Teufelskanzel & Hexenaltar

Goethe's "Faust" was inspired by these rock formations known as the "Devil's Pulpit" and "Witches' Altar"
25 Sep 2013
Wanaka, New Zealand

Stuart Landsborough’s Puzzling World

New Zealand's epic shrine to all things puzzling
02 Sep 2013
Los Angeles, California

Velaslavasay Panorama

Panorama exhibition hall in old silent theater with a beautiful backyard garden
20 Mar 2013
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg Cyclorama

A dramatic, 360 degree recreation of Pickett's Charge in the Civil War
20 Mar 2013
Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Cyclorama

The Battle of Atlanta in 360 degrees, featuring Clark Gable as a corpse
20 Mar 2013
Moscow, Russia

Borodino Panorama

A 360 degree battlefield experience
20 Mar 2013
Den Haag, Netherlands

Panorama Mesdag

The largest 19th century panorama in the world still in-situ
20 Mar 2013
Wroclaw, Poland

Racławice Panorama

19th century panorama lets you relive a Polish uprising via 120 year old Panorama painting
20 Mar 2013
Holtålen, Norway

Hessdalen AMS

Research station devoted to mysterious floating lights seen in a Norwegian valley
21 Jun 2012
Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Kovac Planetarium

One determined man's homemade universe
14 Jun 2012
Edinburgh, Scotland

Camera Obscura & World of Illusions

360° views of the city plus five floors of optical illusions and hands-on science
07 May 2012
San Antonio, Texas

Magic Lantern Castle Museum

Only Museum dedicated to the history of the Magic Lantern
20 Apr 2012
South Ayrshire, Scotland

Electric Brae Gravity Hill Illusion

An optical Illusion once believed to be an electrical phenomenon
09 Apr 2012
Mooresville, Indiana

Mooresville's Gravity Hill

This mysterious hill seems to pull objects uphill
26 Mar 2012
Himeji, Japan

Kokoen Garden

Nine Gardens in one - with tea service
15 Mar 2012
Portland, Oregon

3D Center of Art and Photography

Taking the 3D art experience far beyond blue and red glasses
03 Apr 2011
Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica Camera Obscura

An offbeat angle on the ocean viewed through an antiquated lens
01 Mar 2011
Rome, Italy

The Aventine Keyhole

Rome's semi-secret peephole vista is also a once and future Crusader stronghold
05 Nov 2010
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Doug Padilla's Art Studio

Expansive and colorful studio of Minneapolis art-star, Doug Padilla.
29 Aug 2010
Williamsburg, Kentucky

The Cumberland Falls

Moonbows over Kentucky
24 Aug 2010
Dallas, Texas

Dallas Skyspace - CLOSED

See the sky in a new way through this art installation
16 Jun 2010

Horsetail Fall's Fire Fall

The highest fully-airborne waterfall in Yosemite, which for a few minutes on a few days each year, turns a luminescent fiery orange
11 Apr 2010
Albano Laziale, Italy

The uphill-downhill road of Ariccia

Things seem to roll, flow and run uphill on this short patch of road near Ariccia, Italy
04 Mar 2010
Bushland, Texas

Floating Mesa

The top of a giant mesa, just outside of Amarillo, appears to float in the sky above
18 Feb 2010
Pitt Meadows, Canada

Large Zenith Telescope

Large spinning bath of liquid mercury, used to probe the early universe
06 Feb 2010

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