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Hollandale, Wisconsin


One Austrian's singular yard is now preserved as a folk art garden of concrete wonders
18 Sep 2014
Austin, Texas

Sparky Park

A former electrical substation is now home to an eccentric junk art masterpiece
03 Sep 2014
Halifax, Canada

Maud Lewis' Painted House

This tiny abode has been covered in the art of the little old lady who made her life and living there
15 Jul 2014
Melba, Idaho

Cleo's Ferry Museum and Nature Trail

Birdhouses, peacocks, safari animals, and a graveyard are all part of this Idaho nature trail
25 Jun 2014
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Forest's Rest

On the right bank of the Grand River in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a plaque remembers an imaginary painter who once awaited his youth
23 Jun 2014
Tampa, Florida

Hong Kong Willie

Recycled junk and fishing buoys litter the yard and facade of this bait shop cum art project
16 Jun 2014
Marion County, Georgia


This folk art compound was built by a fortune teller on the advice of three people from the future
13 Jun 2014
Blantyre, United Kingdom

Blantyre Carvings

These mysterious religious carvings were once thought to be thousands of years old but are actually the work of modern eccentric
22 May 2014
Elephanta Island, India

Elephanta Caves

An extraordinary "City of Caves" carved from solid stone
09 May 2014
Želízy, Czech Republic

The Devil's Heads

Two monstrous faces loom over a village in the Czech Republic
09 May 2014
Seale, Alabama

The Museum Of Wonder

A former taxidermist has turned his old shop into a folk art mecca
02 Apr 2014
Bali, Indonesia

Symon's Art Zoo

Exotic, erotic, and esoteric, one artist's live-in Bali gallery brings a splash of color and madness to its surroundings
01 Apr 2014
Wallace County, Kansas

Mount Sunflower

A whimsical monument marks the highest point in Kansas, not that you could tell by the looks of it
25 Mar 2014
Prospect Hill, North Carolina

Shangri-La Stone Village

A retired tobacco farmer's pet project turned into a sturdy miniature city
18 Mar 2014
Safety Harbor, Florida


This home is decked out like a psychedelic explosion of colors and bowling balls
13 Mar 2014
San Antonio, Texas

Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum

A master plumber has turned his love of art and toilets into a folk museum that's not taking the piss
07 Mar 2014
Bimini, The Bahamas

Dolphin House

One man's love of sea life and art has turned his home into a temple of outsider island art
21 Feb 2014
Bishopville , South Carolina

The Button Museum

A hobby born from insomnia has turned into a hanger full of objects that have been be-buttoned by the Button King
18 Feb 2014
Oakland, California

Gnomes of Lake Merritt

This mysterious series of teeny guerrilla installations sheds a whimsical light on street art in Oakland
17 Feb 2014
Nantun District, Taiwan

Rainbow Family Village

Grandpa Rainbow felt the neighborhood needed some color, so he picked up a paintbrush and went to work
14 Feb 2014
North Little Rock, Arkansas

The Old Mill

The "Old Mill" is fairly new, and was actually never a mill at all
12 Feb 2014
Auburn, California

The Statues of Ken Fox

A dentist's formerly reviled concrete colossi are now beloved icons of the community
22 Jan 2014
Thetford, Vermont


This folk art dinosaur was almost pushed to extinction due to lack of a building permit
20 Jan 2014
Oporto, Portugal

Sao Bento Station

Elaborate tile work in this railway station tells the story of Portugal
03 Jan 2014
New York, New York

The Times Square Hum

A pedestrian island in the middle of world-famous Times Square emits a strange, and purposeful, humming noise
01 Jan 2014
Malmö, Sweden

Talking Lamp

20-foot tall lamp mumbles Swedish to celebrate the holidays
24 Dec 2013

The Silent People

Menacing or in memoriam, the Silent People and their meaning are left to interpretation
23 Dec 2013
Oslo, Norway

Frogner Park's Vigeland Sculpture Arrangement

Norway's massive and sometimes disturbing sculpture park is the world's largest to be created by a single artist
20 Dec 2013
Topanga, California

Hidden Treasures

An unreal vintage shop that wears its dadaist influence on its zombie fish
19 Dec 2013
east of Flagstaff, Arizona

Roden Crater

The artist James Turrell is repurposing an extinct volcano crater as an observatory to experience the cosmos
13 Dec 2013