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FOUND: The Holy Grail

by Sarah Laskow
30 Jun 2015
Chignahuapan, México

Iglesia del Honguito

Visit this small Mexican church to pray to a mushroom that is supposedly marked with the image of Christ
16 Jun 2015
Brugge, Belgium

The Procession of the Holy Blood

This gruesome biblical parade celebrates the one day a year that a bit of Jesus' blood turns to liquid
26 Feb 2015
Chimayo, New Mexico

El Santuario de Chimayo

This popular pilgrimage site offers a hole filled with holy healing dirt
26 Dec 2014
Florence, Italy

Galileo's Middle Finger

The middle finger of modernity
06 Nov 2014
Buffalo, New York

The Relic Collection at St. John Gualbert's Church

This sprawling collection of saintly relics includes such fascinations as wood from the Cross of Jesus and threads from Mary's veil
24 Mar 2014
Yangon, Myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda

This gem-encrusted temple is said to contain some of the Buddha's hair which can make the deaf hear and the blind see
05 Mar 2014
Padova, Italy

St. Anthony's Tongue

The incorrupt tongue of the saint of lost things is venerated in this basilica
11 Nov 2013
Amiens, France

The Head of St. John the Baptist at Amiens Cathedral

The encased skull that is widely believed to belong to St. John the Baptist
27 Aug 2013
Kilkenny, Ireland

Cantwell Fada

A standing relief of a Norman knight whose posture marks him as a Crusader
25 Aug 2013
Paris, France

The Relic Crypt of St. Helena at Église Saint-Leu-Saint-Gilles

This little-known relic crypt holds stolen parts of a Roman Empress
21 Aug 2013

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