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New York, New York

The Hidden Holocaust Memorial of Madison Park

A Manhattan courthouse hides a small but scathing memorial to Holocaust injustice
10 Dec 2014
Helsinki, Finland

Tire Gorilla

A giant gorilla made of used car tires sits sentinel over a Helsinki college campus
04 Dec 2014
Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, France

Serpent D'Océan

An aluminum skeleton brings Chinese mythology to a French shore
25 Nov 2014
Denver, Colorado

Blue Mustang

The Denver airport is guarded by a 32-foot-tall sculpture of a demonic horse
21 Nov 2014
Dazu, China

Dazu Rock Carvings

Comprised of thousands of cave temple carvings this cornucopia of ancient Chinese stone art is unrivaled anywhere in the world
17 Nov 2014
Bomarzo, Italy

The Monsters of Bomarzo

A 16th-century horror show built in a lovely Italian garden
31 Oct 2014
Vatican City , Italy

La Resurrezione

If you want to talk to the Pope you will have to stare down this surreal vision of Jesus rising from a nuclear hell
13 Oct 2014
New York, New York

The American Merchant Mariner's Memorial

Twice a day one of these tragic bronze mariners drowns with the tide to remember all those the sea has taken
02 Oct 2014
Milan, Italy

The Bronze Ear of Casa Sola-Busca

Before there were doorbells this bronze ear was installed for visitors to announce their arrival
22 Sep 2014
Hollandale, Wisconsin


One Austrian's singular yard is now preserved as a folk art garden of concrete wonders
18 Sep 2014
Kéa, Greece

Lion of Kea

This smily stone feline is meant to represent a mythical lion that almost destroyed the island of Kea
10 Sep 2014
Portland, Dorset

Tout Quarry Sculpture Park

This former quarry is now a vibrant labyrinth of magical in situ sculptures
28 Aug 2014
Indianapolis, Indiana

The Ruins

Once adorning a New York skyscraper, these reclaimed ruins now haunt an Indiana park
18 Jul 2014
Ennis, United States

Bleu Horses

These giant metal horses graze on a hilltop near the Montana highway
10 Jul 2014
East Dulwich, London

The House of Dreams Museum

This wildly-tiled artist's palace is a living and growing account of the creators life, loves, and labors
06 Jun 2014
Vantage, Washington

Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies

This metallic stampede sits frozen on a Washington ridge yet the artist's vision is still incomplete
28 May 2014
Herning, Denmark


This huge industrial sculpture looks like a UFO and a factory had a baby
20 May 2014
Dublin, Ireland

The Proclamation Sculpture

A particularly disconcerting tribute to Irish martyrs
12 May 2014
Elephanta Island, India

Elephanta Caves

An extraordinary "City of Caves" carved from solid stone
09 May 2014
Kosmaj, Serbia

Kosmaj Monument

This spaceship-like Serbian monument reaches for the stars in celebration of the fallen fighters of fascism
09 May 2014
Želízy, Czech Republic

The Devil's Heads

Two monstrous faces loom over a village in the Czech Republic
09 May 2014
Cornish, New Hampshire

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site

The summer home and later final residence of acclaimed American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens
06 May 2014
Florence, Italy

L’importuno di Michelangelo

The famous sculptor left his mark on this Italian wall in an internationally protected example of street art
28 Apr 2014
Haverhill, United Kingdom

The Spirit of Enterprise

A large piece of modern art makes this roundabout the only one in the world with its own laser
18 Apr 2014
Stanford, California

Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden

A sudden forest of traditional Papua New Guinean art works is hidden in a corner of Stanford University
16 Apr 2014
Richmond, Virginia

The Grand Kugel

This 29-ton granite ball spins around at the slightest touch thanks to a scientific phenomenon
10 Apr 2014

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