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Kbal Spean

This Cambodian riverbed is covered in ancient fertility symbols both above and below the waters
05 Feb 2016
Vancouver, Canada

Dude Chilling Park

A renegade art installation in a small Vancouver park is now officially sanctioned by the City Parks Department
04 Feb 2016
Colmar, France

Bartholdi Museum

The birthplace of the builder of the Statue of Liberty is now a museum dedicated to his work
03 Feb 2016
Yekaterinburg, Russia

Beatles Monument

Mostly underground in the old days Back in the USSR, today the Beatles beckon to tourists from a wall sculpture out in the open in central Russia
15 Jan 2016
Chicago, Illinois


This abstract sculpture is rumored to cast a hammer-and-sickle shadow once a year
15 Jan 2016
Docklands, Australia

Cow up a Tree

This piece of Australian modern art is part joke and part history
11 Jan 2016
Chicago, Illinois

The Secret Mermaid

This unauthorized stone mermaid was secretly carved out of public stone before being permanently preserved
08 Jan 2016
Burnaby, Canada

Playground of the Gods

While these wooden totems bear a striking resemblance to First Nations artwork of British Columbia, their actual origins lay on the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean
07 Dec 2015
Hamilton, Ohio

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Inside, ancient treasures. Outside, modern contradictions
04 Dec 2015
Somerset Center, Michigan

McCourtie Park

This lovely public park has a history with Al Capone, the Underground Railroad, and cement wood
01 Dec 2015
Boston, Massachusetts

Salada Tea Doors

The history of the tea trade is told in bas-relief on this historic pair of Boston doors
01 Dec 2015
Chicago, Illinois

Nuclear Energy

This bronze sculpture on a former squash court marks the secret origins of the Atomic Age
25 Nov 2015
Hobro, Denmark


A walkable map of the world, made from soil and stone by one man
20 Nov 2015
Lampa, Peru

Tomb of Enrique Torres Belón

This Peruvian bone silo is topped with a remarkable Michelangelo replica
18 Nov 2015
Sanborn Township, Michigan

Dinosaur Gardens

One man’s vision of living among dinosaurs imagines Jesus as the engine of biological evolution
16 Nov 2015
Oxford, England

Another Time II

Hidden in plain sight, this creeper sculpture watches from above
11 Nov 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Little Woodcutter

This unattributed sculpture in Amsterdam is hiding in plain sight
05 Nov 2015
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Paul McCarthy's Santa Claus

Rotterdammers' dirty minds gave this santa a dirty nickname and cursed it to a life of wandering
02 Nov 2015
Takoma Park, Maryland

Herlong the Carved Dragon

A benevolent, 16-foot-tall river dragon lives on a suburban lawn
30 Oct 2015
Cerritos, California

Cerritos Sculpture Garden

A small, peaceful sculpture garden with a grim memorial to a disaster that took place a few blocks away
29 Oct 2015
Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn Daily Eagle's Eagle

This metal eagle one of the final remnants of a newspaper that wanted to keep Brooklyn to Brooklyn
22 Oct 2015
Monticello, Florida

Nautilus Foundation

The ruins of a creative scholar's fantastical unfinished sanctuary act as his massive gravestone
16 Oct 2015
The City of Brighton and Hove, England

Brighton Beach Flint Grotto

One fisherman has used his love of pebbles and shore to create a crazy garden of rocky art
13 Oct 2015

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