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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Praying Hands

These massive mitts are made of 30 tons of devotional bronze
16 Apr 2014
Davidson, North Carolina

Homeless Jesus

The first statue of Christ sleeping on a bench confused its affluent parish but may have started a trend
15 Apr 2014
Portobelo, Panama

Black Christ of Portobelo

A mysterious dark-skinned Christ statue has been this town's religious center for centuries
15 Apr 2014
St. Andrews, Scotland

Hamish McHamish Statue

This bronze statue was erected to honor a small Scottish town's beloved stray cat
14 Apr 2014
Esbjerg, Denmark

Man Meets The Sea

Four alabaster giants contemplate the tides on the shore of Denmark
28 Mar 2014
Lyon, France

The Flower Tree

A colorful piece of contemporary art cheerfully clashes with Lyon's historical architecture
19 Mar 2014
Winslow, Arizona

Standin' On the Corner Park

This public square capitalized on a single Eagles reference to bring some life back to an Arizona town
14 Mar 2014
Alton, Illinois

World's Tallest Man Statue

This life-size bronze statue remembers the tallest recorded human in his Illinois hometown
11 Mar 2014
Chester, Illinois

Popeye Character Trail

The hometown of Popeye's creator is littered with a growing collection of granite cartoon characters
10 Mar 2014
Sofia, Bulgaria

Monument to the Soviet Army

A Bulgarian monument to Russia's role in World War II is constantly being painted in pop culture protest
03 Mar 2014
Delos, Greece

Terrace of the Lions

Replicas of Apollo's leonine stone guard cats still line a sacred row in Greece
18 Feb 2014
Changsha, China

Giant Head of Mao Zedong

The world's largest statue of Mao Zedong looks out over the city where he discovered Communism
05 Feb 2014
Waterville, Ireland

Charlie Chaplin's Vacation Statue

An Irish town has built a statue to a silent film actor simply thanks to the holidays he once spent there
22 Jan 2014
Auburn, California

The Statues of Ken Fox

A dentist's formerly reviled concrete colossi are now beloved icons of the community
22 Jan 2014
Boston, Massachussets

The Sacred Cod

No one messes with the Massachusetts sacred cod, not this time...
22 Jan 2014
Worcester, Massachusetts

Burnside Fountain - Turtle Boy

The Burnside Fountain and its questionable interpretation
20 Jan 2014
Borås, Sweden

Walking to Boras

A colossal strolling Pinocchio that was greeted with more outrage than whimsy
03 Jan 2014
Mons, Belgium

The Guardhouse Monkey

Petting this mysterious iron monkey supposedly brings good luck
26 Dec 2013
Sparta, Wisconsin

FAST Fiberglass Mold Graveyard

The molds of fiberglass statues make for eerie statues themselves
26 Dec 2013
Oakland, California

Bay Bridge Troll

A creepy steel gremlin has protected the Bay Bridge since 1989
26 Dec 2013

The Silent People

Menacing or in memoriam, the Silent People and their meaning are left to interpretation
23 Dec 2013
Wichita, Kansas

The Wichita Troll

A mysterious and terrifying public art goblin seemingly meant to inspire local legend
23 Dec 2013
Oslo, Norway

Frogner Park's Vigeland Sculpture Arrangement

Norway's massive and sometimes disturbing sculpture park is the world's largest to be created by a single artist
20 Dec 2013
San Carlo, Italy

Colossus of San Carlo Borromeo

For hundreds of years, this huge figure has been blessing visitors before they explore his body
19 Dec 2013
Hayward, Wisconsin

Shrine to Anglers

143 feet of leaping muskie whose mouth can be used as a wedding venue
14 Dec 2013
Kanyakumari, India

Thiruvalluvar Statue

A towering work of stone and philosophy that was constructed using ancient Hindu science
13 Dec 2013
York, England

Cat Statues of York

A century-old tradition has culminated in a small but singular collection of feline effigies
12 Dec 2013
Norwich, Connecticut

The Blue Lady of Yantic Cemetery

Made of bronze and wearing a blue gown, this lady sat in the same location in the Yantic Cemetery for more than 119 years
10 Dec 2013
Lucerne, Switzerland

Lion of Lucerne

This memorial commemorating fallen soldiers of the French Revolution has been called the saddest stone in the world
06 Dec 2013
Williamsburg, Virginia

President's Park

What does one do with 43 giant busts of the U.S. presidents?
02 Dec 2013