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Los Gatos, United States

The Cats

A pair of pure white felines guard the entrance to a spot of California real estate established as an artist's haven
15 May 2015
Brussels, Belgium

Zinneke Pis

Meet the bronze beloved pet to a family of famous peeing statues
14 May 2015
Beijing, China

Dongyue Temple

This sensational Chinese temple walks visitors through the 76 weird departments of the afterlife
08 May 2015
Jersey City, New Jersey

The Katyń Massacre Memorial

This evocative New Jersey statue
10 Apr 2015
Budapest, Hungría

The Citadella

From Austrians to Nazis to Soviets, this historic Budapest fortress has a history as complex as the city itself
09 Apr 2015
Braunschweig, Germany

Carl Friedrich Gauss Monument

This German monument honors the so-called "Prince of Mathematicians"
31 Mar 2015
Nuremberg, Germany


This lurid German fountain plots the sad course of marriage from dating to death
30 Mar 2015
New Orleans, Louisiana

Ignatius J. Reilly Statue

This New Orleans statue of a portly figure in a goofy hat pays homage to a classic of satirical literature
25 Mar 2015
Gaborone, Botswana

The Three Dikgosi

This trio of bronze giants celebrate the influential trip to Britain that led to Botswana's independence
23 Mar 2015
Hillsborough , California

Junípero Serra Statue

This controversial depiction of the "Founder of California" looks as though it was sculpted from mashed potatoes
17 Mar 2015
Portland, Oregon

Paul Bunyan Statue

This stoic, if derpy, giant stands as a monument to Oregon's statehood and the novelty culture of yesteryear
10 Mar 2015
Mitrovica, Kosovo

Mitrovica Miners Monument

Two distorted Romanesque columns hold aloft a mine cart in honor of laborers who died during WWII
09 Mar 2015
Blue Earth, Minnesota

Jolly Green Giant Statue

This massive roadside mascot was the first version of the giant to illustrate his butt
24 Feb 2015
Lidice, Czech Republic

The Lidice Children

The soulless eyes of 82 bronze children stare on forever in remembrance of a horrifying World War II massacre
20 Feb 2015
Idaho Springs, Colorado

Steve Canyon Statue

This statue of an obscure comic strip hero stands as a tribute to patriotic service and a cautionary tale about embracing fads
05 Feb 2015
Luoyang Shi, China

Longmen Grottoes

The field of tiny caves that mark this Chinese cliffside are each their own historic Buddhist temple
04 Feb 2015
Selárdalur, Iceland

Samúel Jónsson's Art Farm

This secluded Iceland farm holds the collected works of one rural sculptor's creations
29 Dec 2014
Chandler, Arizona


A $100,000 tumbleweed decorates an Arizona park and ride that got their priorities a bit tangled
17 Dec 2014
Manchester, United Kingdom

A Monument to Vimto

A giant wooden soda bottle pays homage to a distinctly British drink on the very spot where it was invented
16 Dec 2014
San Francisco, California

The Head of The Goddess of Progress

This giant head is all that remains of a once proud statue that survived an earthquake but not a fall off of a wagon
12 Dec 2014
Manchester, England

Alan Turing Memorial

Have a seat with the father of modern computing at this Manchester monument
11 Dec 2014
London, United Kingdom

Parkland Walk

Following the trail of an old metro line, this scenic path is haunted by a creepy spriggan statue
05 Dec 2014
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Praying Hands

These massive mitts are made of 30 tons of devotional bronze
04 Dec 2014
Diksmuide, Belgium

Vladslo German Military Cemetery

Visitors to this Belgium graveyard are greeted by the grieving stone parents of the young men lost to war
11 Nov 2014
Antofagasta, Chile

Hand of the Desert

A sculpture of a giant hand reaches for the stars in the middle of the Atacama desert
10 Nov 2014
Cleveland, Ohio

The Haserot Angel

The angel of death appears to weep black tears at this grave marker
07 Nov 2014
Atlanta, Illinois

Paul Bunyon

While he no longer has an eatery to give him context, this off-brand Paul Bunyan still holds his giant hot dog with pride
29 Oct 2014
Dakar, Senegal

African Renaissance Monument

This tallest statue in Africa was created by a mixture of corruption, Stalinist architecture, and North Korean manpower
28 Oct 2014
Moscow, Russia

Children are the Victims of Adult Vices

Thirteen sculptures in central Moscow graphically depicting vices of the modern world
27 Oct 2014
London, United Kingdom

I Goat

Spitalfields' regal market goat is said to be a monument to the area's migrant population but most are pretty sure it's just a goat
17 Oct 2014

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