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Mont Vernon, New Hampshire

William G. Bruce Grave

A man killed in a hunting accident is eternally guarded by a granite hound tombstone
07 Oct 2015
Baltimore, Maryland

Nipper, the RCA Dog Statue

A monumental statue of RCA's mascot now sits atop a historical society roof after a life of moving around
06 Oct 2015
Amman, Jordan

Hand of Hercules

The most gigantic, swoony, intimidating trio of fingers in all of antiquity
05 Oct 2015
Oregon, Illinois

The Eternal Indian

This monolithic statue was erected in honor of Chief Black Hawk even if it was not made to look like him
29 Sep 2015
Tallinn, Estonia

The Bronze Soldier of Tallinn

This stoic bronze soldier stands as either a symbol of Russian sacrifice Soviet oppression, maybe both
22 Sep 2015
Bemidji, Minnesota

Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox, Bemidji

These crudely shaped folk giants may be the the second most photographed statues in the U.S.
25 Aug 2015
Bangor, Maine

Paul Bunyan Statue, Bangor

This handsome giant is said to mark the birthplace of the mythical woodsman and even had a cameo in a Stephen King novel
24 Aug 2015
Lelystad, Netherlands


This giant wire frame man sculpture is crouched in contemplation, but it looks more like constipation
11 Aug 2015
Bixby, Oklahoma

Washington Irving Memorial Park

One of New York's most iconic authors is strangely honored by this Oklahoma park
16 Jul 2015
Dikwella, Sri Lanka

Wewurukannala Vihara

To gaze upon the visage of Sri Lanka's biggest Buddha, one must first pass through the Tunnel of Hell
01 Jul 2015
Tambon Ko Kut, Thailand

The Kingdom of Somchai’s Affection

On the small Thai island of Ko Mak, there is a forgotten garden of erotic statuary
25 Jun 2015
Pyongyang, North Korea

Chollima Statue

This North Korean pegasus statue was built as a symbol of the speed and perseverance of North Korean workers
24 Jun 2015
Prishtina, Kosovo

Kosovo Bill Clinton Statue

A 11-foot former president stands on a Kosovo street that also bears his name
23 Jun 2015
Boston, Massachusetts

Madonna, Queen of the Universe

This giant Boston statue of Mary is standing on a globe to show her power over the universe
22 Jun 2015
Prague, Czech Republic


This automated sculpture of two men peeing will spell out text messages with their micturition
04 Jun 2015
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

La Rotonda del Mar

A Lovecraftian altar of nightmarish bronze chairs sits ominously on a boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta
03 Jun 2015
Bratislava, Slovakia

Cumil the Sewer Worker

This Slovakian statue of an emerging sewer worker might just be a bronze peeping tom
03 Jun 2015
Los Gatos, California

The Cats

A pair of pure white felines guard the entrance to a spot of California real estate established as an artist's haven
15 May 2015
Ville de Bruxelles, Belgium

Zinneke Pis

Meet the bronze beloved pet to a family of famous peeing statues
14 May 2015
Beijing, China

Dongyue Temple

This sensational Chinese temple walks visitors through the 76 weird departments of the afterlife
08 May 2015
Jersey City, New Jersey

The Katyń Massacre Memorial

This evocative New Jersey statue
10 Apr 2015
Budapest, Hungría

The Citadella

From Austrians to Nazis to Soviets, this historic Budapest fortress has a history as complex as the city itself
09 Apr 2015
Braunschweig, Germany

Carl Friedrich Gauss Monument

This German monument honors the so-called "Prince of Mathematicians"
31 Mar 2015
Nürnberg, Germany


This lurid German fountain plots the sad course of marriage from dating to death
30 Mar 2015
New Orleans, Louisiana

Ignatius J. Reilly Statue

This New Orleans statue of a portly figure in a goofy hat pays homage to a classic of satirical literature
25 Mar 2015
Gaborone, Botswana

The Three Dikgosi

This trio of bronze giants celebrate the influential trip to Britain that led to Botswana's independence
23 Mar 2015
Hillsborough, California

Junípero Serra Statue

This controversial depiction of the "Founder of California" looks as though it was sculpted from mashed potatoes
17 Mar 2015
Portland, Oregon

Paul Bunyan Statue

This stoic, if derpy, giant stands as a monument to Oregon's statehood and the novelty culture of yesteryear
10 Mar 2015

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