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Amsterdam, Holland

Electric Ladyland - The Museum of Fluorescent Art

The world's only museum devoted to the wonders of fluorescence
29 Oct 2014
New York, New York

The Times Square Hum

A pedestrian island in the middle of world-famous Times Square emits a strange, and purposeful, humming noise
01 Jan 2014
Gurdon, Arkansas

The Gurdon Light

A mysterious light floating in the trees of Gurdon, Arkansas may be a piezoelectric effect
15 Oct 2013
Parkes, Australia

Parkes Radio Telescope

Giant dish located in a sheep paddock was primary receiver of Apollo 11 TV transmissions
10 Oct 2013
Auvers-sur-Oise, France

Musée de l'Absinthe

One woman's decades-long obsession with the "La Fée Verte."
29 Sep 2013
Nederland, Colorado

Frozen Dead Guy Days

An annual festival celebrating Colorado's most famous frozen corpse
10 Sep 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute

A collection of poisonous snakes and reptiles for the whole family to enjoy
27 Aug 2013
Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

This famous bridge twisted itself into oblivion, but not for the reason you might think
13 Aug 2013
Savannah, Georgia

Rousakis Plaza Echo Square

"X" marks the spot of an echo chamber in the middle of a plaza
05 Aug 2013
Lansing, Michigan

Brain collection of Michigan State University

Brain collection and database that narrows the gap between man and animal
31 Jul 2013
Singapore, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore's landscaping project is home to 18 incredible Supertrees
29 Jul 2013
Glace Bay, Canada

Marconi National Historic Site

Site of the first official transatlantic wireless communications
25 Jul 2013
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Center for PostNatural History

Mutant vegetables, transgenic mosquitos, and atomic rodents span the walls of this one-of-a-kind museum
15 Jul 2013
Greater Sudbury, Canada

Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

A neutrino detector built into the largest man-made underground cavity in the world
12 Jul 2013
San Francisco, California


San Francisco's newly reopened hands-on science museum
09 Jul 2013
Avigliana, Italy

Dynamite Nobel Living Museum - Ecomuseo del Dinamitificio Nobel

Dynamite factory turned museum explores the history of explosives
26 Jun 2013
Portland, Oregon

Reed College Research Reactor

World's only nuclear reactor operated by liberal arts undergraduates
12 Jun 2013
Chiyoda, Japan

Clone Factory

Japanese company creates clone dolls that reside in the "uncanny valley"
15 May 2013
Naftalan, Azerbaijan

Naftalan Clinic

In oil-rich Azerbaijan, people bathe in the black stuff
19 Apr 2013
Shchyolkovo, Russia

Star City

Secret Soviet city once home to Russian cosmonauts and space training facilities
12 Apr 2013
Baikonur, Kazakhstan

Baikonur Cosmodrome

World's oldest and largest space launch facility, once a secret missile testing site
12 Apr 2013
Montreal, Canada

McPherson and Rutherford Physics Collections

Two adjoining collections of 19th-20th century physics apparatuses and instruments
02 Apr 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada

National Atomic Testing Museum

Stepping away from the glitz of mobsters and casinos to learn about the other history of Vegas
26 Mar 2013
Edinburgh, Scotland

The Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh

One of the oldest scientific gardens in Britain, containing more than 13,302 plant species in its core collection
18 Mar 2013
Devils Tower, Wyoming

Devil's Tower

The first declared National Monument in the United States
31 Jan 2013
Faber, Virginia

The Monroe Institute

Take an otherworldly journey in a school dedicated to out-of-body experiences
25 Jan 2013
Berlin, Germany

Monster Kabinett

Part art gallery, part haunted house, this robotic art display is a terrifying experience
23 Jan 2013
New York, New York

MoMath - The Museum of Mathematics

A Pythagorean funhouse that tries, successfully, to prove that math is the coolest thing ever
21 Jan 2013
Paris, France

The Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital

Pitié-Salpêtrière was the dumping grounds for women who received the dreaded diagnosis of "hysterical"
16 Jan 2013