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Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Monument to African Dictator Laurent Kabila

Built by a North Korean team this monument to African dictator Laurent Kabila has a suspiciously Kim Jong Il shaped body
25 Aug 2014
Joshua Tree, California

Krblin Jihn Kabin

Story of the restricted, but still evocative, world of a remarkable man in the High Desert of Southern California
11 Aug 2014
Dublin, Ireland

The Proclamation Sculpture

A particularly disconcerting tribute to Irish martyrs
12 May 2014
San Francisco, California

Urbano Sundial

A promotional sun clock on the site of San Francisco's great raceway
13 Jan 2014
Oakland, California

Bay Bridge Troll

A creepy steel gremlin has protected the Bay Bridge since 1989
26 Dec 2013
Malmö, Sweden

Talking Lamp

20-foot tall lamp mumbles Swedish to celebrate the holidays
24 Dec 2013
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Irish Memorial at Penn's Landing

An Irish Memorial commemorating those who perished due to potato blight
19 Dec 2013
Chicago, Illinois

Oz Park

An Oz-themed public park that had a wonderful impact on the surrounding neighborhood
13 Nov 2013
Hamer, South Carolina

South of the Border

I-95's Tijuana-style celebration of kitsch at the Carolina border
13 Nov 2013
Kiev, Ukraine

Peeing Colors in Kiev

When you've got to go, you've got to go
08 Nov 2013
Helsinki, Finland

Pohjola Insurance Building

This insurance company building reminds customers that witches, bears, and gnomes are out there, best be insured
21 Oct 2013
Gdańsk, Poland

Monument to the Defenders of the Polish Post Office

Modern art commemorates one of the first military actions of World War II
03 Oct 2013
Poznan, Poland

Poznan June 1956 Monument

An impressive monument to Poland's independence
01 Oct 2013
Sainte-Flavie, Canada

Le Grand Rassemblement - The Grand Gathering

An ever-changing gathering of crude wooden figures haunts the St. Lawrence River
26 Sep 2013
Kilkenny, Ireland

Jerpoint Abbey

This ancient Irish religious site is covered in ancient carvings, many of which have barely aged
26 Sep 2013
El Salvador, Philippines

Christ of the Divine Mercy

A 50-foot-tall statue of Jesus where a stairway transports the faithful into his body
25 Sep 2013
Changzhou, China

World Joyland Theme Park

This incredible Chinese theme park may be the largest bootleg in history
24 Sep 2013
Possagno, Italy

Tempio Canoviano

This artistic temple brings together multiple architecture styles, but is only an example of one
24 Sep 2013
Kansas City, Missouri

Charlie Parker Memorial

This giant green head remembers one of America's jazz giants
23 Sep 2013
Yucca Valley, California

Desert Christ Park

On a barren hillside in the Yucca Valley, the slowly decaying Desert Christ Park has attracted pilgrims and kitsch hunters for over 50 years
17 Sep 2013
Cork, Ireland

Drombeg Stone Circle

One of the most popular megalithic sites in Ireland stands as a humbler version of Stonehenge
16 Sep 2013
Chicago, Illinois

The Fountain of Time

A hollow cement depiction of time's inexorable effect on the human body
10 Sep 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

Democracy Monument

Bangkok celebrated its shifting monarchy with a militaristic homage to democracy
09 Sep 2013
Chihuahua, Mexico

La Pascualita

This 80-year old mannequin is so lifelike it is believed to be an embalmed corpse
06 Sep 2013