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West Liberty, Ohio

Ohio Caverns

These sub-farmland caves are home to a majestic stalactite known as the "Crystal King"
19 Aug 2014
Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

Brighton's Victorian Sewers

To literally keep their waste out of their own backyards, the citizens of this English city built an impressive sewer system that is still in use today
05 Aug 2014
Hinterbrühl, Austria


This series of underground chambers contains Europe's largest subterranean lake that is slowly drained each day
28 Jul 2014
Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Storm Tunnels

The labyrinthine storm tunnels beneath the city of Melbourne are ruled by a band of urban explorers
24 Jul 2014
Bedford, Indiana

Bluespring Caverns

The longest navigable underground river in the U.S. is home to countless blind and albino animals
14 Jul 2014
Taingy, France

Carrière d'Aubigny

This former limestone quarry is now a subterranean wonderland of grand stonework
02 Jul 2014
Nelson, Nevada

Techatticup Mine

This famous Nevada gold mine was once a hotbed of Wild West shenanigans and is now open for tours
19 Jun 2014
Borino, Bulgaria

Devil's Throat Cave

A spectacular Bulgarian cave resembling a devil's head with a waterfall rushing down its throat
11 Jun 2014
Coober Pedy, Australia

Crocodile Harry's Underground Nest & Dugout

This eccentric cave dwelling is bizarre even by the standards of a subterranean town
02 Jun 2014
Blaenafon, Torfaen

Big Pit National Coal Museum

Go deep down into the earth to experience the world of Welsh coal miners
15 May 2014
Reykjavik, Iceland


One of the most remarkable caves in all of Iceland was created by a once raging river of lava
18 Apr 2014
Budapest, Hungary

Hospital in the Rock

A museum dedicated to a secret military hospital hidden beneath a castle in Budapest
12 Feb 2014
Ternopil's'ka Oblast, Ukraine

Priest's Grotto

A subterranean Holocaust refuge within one of the world's longest cave systems
04 Feb 2014
Slaughter Beach , Delaware

Redbird Reef

Decommissioned NYC subway cars are dumped into the ocean to create this underwater wildlife habitat
28 Jan 2014
Landrethun-le-Nord, France

Forteresse de Mimoyecques

Underneath a chalk hill in France lies what Hitler hoped would be the underground launching base for a devastating new weapon
20 Dec 2013
Bonne Terre, Missouri

Bonne Terre Mines

The world's largest man-made underground caverns offer unparalleled underwater wonders
16 Dec 2013
East Granby, Connecticut

Old Newgate Prison

A former copper mine which became a truly unsuccessful prison
21 Nov 2013
Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Blue John Cavern

A semi-precious cavern system that not only mines rare minerals but also tourists' dollars
15 Nov 2013
Montreal, Canada

Beaudry Metro

Montreal's colorful subway station showing its support of the local LGTB community
01 Nov 2013
Beijing, China

Dixia Cheng - Beijing's Underground City

Beijing's expansive subterranean hiding spot now crumbles away as a tourist destination
01 Nov 2013
Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Yemrehanna Kristos Church

An ancient Ethiopian cave church is endangered by the simple building of a road
31 Oct 2013
Clay, Kansas

The Kansas Underground Salt Museum

Home to Hollywood history and a very special salt crystal
18 Oct 2013
Marble Falls, Texas

Dead Man's Hole

Civil War dumping ground for the bodies of terrorized Union sympathizers
07 Oct 2013
Division No. 10, Subd. D, Canada

Churchill Falls Generating Station

This underground power plant looks more like a super-villian's lair than a public work
26 Sep 2013
Walhalla, South Carolina

Stumphouse Tunnel

An unfinished rail tunnel that has since been used to house cheese and bats
25 Sep 2013
Kiev, Ukraine

Arsenalna Metro Station

The deepest metro station in the world
23 Sep 2013