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Timeball Tower

An obsolete form of timekeeping still marks the hour in this adapted 19th century lighthouse
14 Feb 2014
Worcester, Massachusetts

Bancroft Tower

This miniature feudal castle was built on a whim to honor a US Navy pioneer
24 Jan 2014
Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands

Blackbeard's Castle

Rumored to be the famed pirate's lookout tower, this historic stone structure is now just watching for tourists
16 Dec 2013
Kingsland, London

St Augustine's Tower

This medieval church tower has maintained its clockworks since the 16th century
25 Nov 2013
Newport, Rhode Island

Newport Tower

Mysterious stone tower featured in many alternative histories of the New World
28 Oct 2013
Auckland, New Zealand

Sky Tower

A New Zealand communications tower stands as the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere
28 Oct 2013
Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Kalyan Minaret

This "tower of death" has acted as an observatory, a religious hub, and an executioner's lair
14 Oct 2013
Kazan, Russia

Suyumbike Tower

Russia's own leaning tower was built on a tragic historical fable
14 Oct 2013
Torà, Spain

Torre de Vallferosa

This medieval fortification has weathered the centuries better than any other structure from its era
08 Oct 2013
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Tower of History

Watch the ships come in on Michigan's 210 ft. high observation deck in Sault Ste. Marie
31 Mar 2013
New York, New York

Jefferson Market Library

Named the fifth most beautiful building in America in 1885, this former courthouse boasts the best view in the Village
21 Jan 2013
Temagami, Canada

Temagami Fire Tower

Stunning views over Ontario's old-growth pine forests
26 Jan 2012
Dachnyy, Russia

Shukhov Tower on the Oka River

An unused hyberbolic electricity pylon kept as architectural monument
28 Dec 2011
Schweindorf, Germany

Westerholt E-66 Observation Wind Turbine

Giant wind turbine with observation deck at the very top
18 Jul 2011
Niš, Serbia

The Skull Tower of Nis

Structure built from the skulls of vanquished foes
29 Oct 2010
Thorpeness, England

House in the Clouds

Unusual British home built to disguise a water tower
22 Oct 2010
Isfahan, Iran

Pigeon Towers of Iran

These little castles each held thousands of pigeons
08 Oct 2009
Vienna, Austria

Flak Towers

Giant WWII fortresses that fired 8000 rounds a minute, now home to thousands of pigeons
16 Sep 2009
Sanlúcar la Mayor, Spain

Solar Power Tower

Spain's stunning solar energy plant
02 Sep 2009