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Vienna, Austria

Clock Museum

A small museum filled with over 1,000 clocks, & one particular clock calibrated to run until the year 9999
31 Dec 2013
Grass Valley, California

Grass Valley Museum

A rich history stashed behind an unassuming door in the heart of Gold Country
16 Dec 2013
Kentwood, Louisiana

Kentwood Historical and Cultural Arts Museum

A small town museum honors local WWII veterans and the queen of pop who put it on the map
11 Nov 2013
Kimberley, South Africa

Big Hole and Open Mine Museum

Mined to a depth of 240 meters with a perimeter of about 1.6 km, the largest hand-dug excavation in the world
08 Nov 2013
Cardrona, New Zealand

Cardrona Bra Fence

Hundreds of bras, blowing in the wind
06 Nov 2013
Zugarramurdi, Spain

Museo de las Brujas

Museum dedicated to the Spanish occult
31 Oct 2013
Clay, Kansas

The Kansas Underground Salt Museum

Home to Hollywood history and a very special salt crystal
18 Oct 2013
Folsom, California

Folsom Prison Museum

This museum looks at the history of one of America's most famous prisons and most beloved albums
11 Oct 2013
Florence, Italy

Stibbert Museum

Art and armour fill every inch of this rich kid's Italian villa
04 Oct 2013
Toronto, Canada

The Monkey's Paw

A book collector's dream, The Monkey's Paw in Toronto has the world's first "Biblio-Mat", a random book vending machine
02 Oct 2013
Lyon, France

Musée Miniature et Cinéma

Monsters and miniatures are held in equal esteem at this wondrous museum
01 Oct 2013
Auvers-sur-Oise, France

Musée de l'Absinthe

One woman's decades-long obsession with the "La Fée Verte."
29 Sep 2013
Paris, France

Musée des Arts et Métiers

France's national museum of scientific and industrial instruments
27 Sep 2013
Leiden, The Netherlands

The Wall Poems of Leiden

The works of poetry's biggest names grace the walls of the city of Leiden, all carefully painted by hand
27 Sep 2013
Aix-en-Provence, France

Bibliotheque Mejanes

A French library that makes sure its love of books is writ large... giant in fact
25 Sep 2013
Polk City, Florida

Fantasy of Flight

The world's largest private aircraft collection
25 Sep 2013
Port au Choix, Canada

Museum of Whales and Things

A chaotic collection of maritime artifacts, art and really whatever else happens to be around
24 Sep 2013
Kaunas, Lithuania

Museum of the History of Lithuanian Medicine and Pharmacy

Folky pharmaceuticals abound in this medicinal reliquary
24 Sep 2013
Glasgow, Scotland

Govan Stones

Early Medieval stones sit on display at the beautiful Govan Old Church in Glasgow
23 Sep 2013
San Francisco, California

Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum

Vibrator museum honors the orgasm and dildo history
20 Sep 2013

Colorado Gators Reptile Park

The world's only reptile park to offer gator wrestling classes, located in a state with no gators
19 Sep 2013
Tallinn, Estonia

KGB Museum

"There's nothing there," and other lies the KGB told us
18 Sep 2013
Beijing, China

Beijing Capital Museum

Home to over 200,000 artifacts, this museum attempts to guide visitors through the ancient history of Beijing and Imperial China
18 Sep 2013
Bendery, Moldova

Bendery Military Museum

A unique collection of Soviet military artifacts lies hidden away in a disused train, in the unrecognized Eastern European republic of Transnistria
17 Sep 2013
London, United Kingdom

The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers Museum

The oldest dedicated collection of watches and clocks in the world
16 Sep 2013
Seattle, Washington

Seattle Metaphysical Library

An underground library specializing in underground knowledge
13 Sep 2013
Beijing, China

Paleozoological Museum of China

A bisected journey through evolution's history in the heart of Beijing
10 Sep 2013
Seattle, Washington

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

100 year old purveyor of curiosities, curios, and kitch featuring mummies, shrunken heads and a Fiji Mermaid
06 Sep 2013
Greater London, England

The Clink Prison Museum

An incarceration museum on the spot of possibly the oldest prison in England
06 Sep 2013