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Dakar, Senegal

African Renaissance Monument

This tallest statue in Africa was created by a mixture of corruption, Stalinist architecture, and North Korean manpower
23 Dec 2015
Krakow, Poland

The Bones of the Wawel Dragon

Real bones which are said to have belonged to a Polish dragon
21 Dec 2015
Stanley , Falkland Islands

Boot Hill

An ever-growing field of footwear invites legends and more shoes
03 Dec 2015
Shanghai, China

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

This psychedelic tourist trap is a leisurely descent into madness
26 Nov 2015
Stockholm, Sweden

Långholmen Crash Site

A steel paper plane is all that remains of a crashed aircraft that caused an amazingly small amount of damage
15 Sep 2015
Olomouc, Czech Republic

Holy Trinity Column

An ornate plague column – built to celebrate life – claimed the lives of numerous artisans during its construction
26 Aug 2015
Salt Lake City, Utah

Gilgal Sculpture Garden

A hidden garden of stones engraved with scriptures, a Joseph Smith Sphynx, and all carved by one man
31 Dec 2014
Ijsselstein, Netherlands

Gerbrandy Tower

Tower that turns into world's tallest Christmas tree
24 Dec 2014
Nice, France

La Tete Carrée Library

This massive blockhead sculpture hides an entire library
02 Dec 2014
Varginha, Brazil

Nave Espacial de Varginha

Spacecraft shaped water tower is only a part of the mysterious UFO mania in this Brazilian town
20 Nov 2014
Cleveland, Ohio

The Haserot Angel

The angel of death appears to weep black tears at this grave marker
07 Nov 2014
Berne, Switzerland

The Child Eater of Bern

A nearly 500 year old sculpture depicts a man eating a sack of babies, and no one is sure why
30 Oct 2014
Moscow, Russia

Children are the Victims of Adult Vices

Thirteen sculptures in central Moscow graphically depicting vices of the modern world
27 Oct 2014
Alamo, Nevada

The Black Mailbox

Mysterious meeting place for UFO hunters near Area 51
24 Oct 2014
New Harmony, Indiana

The Roofless Church

This open air cathedral invites all faiths to worship under the only roof big enough to fit them all: the sky
29 Aug 2014
Joshua Tree, California

Krblin Jihn Kabin

Story of the restricted, but still evocative, world of a remarkable man in the High Desert of Southern California
11 Aug 2014
Alamo, Nevada

Tikaboo Peak

If you want to take a peek at Area 51, this is legally as close as you're going to get
24 Jun 2014
Nantun District, Taiwan

Rainbow Family Village

Grandpa Rainbow felt the neighborhood needed some color, so he picked up a paintbrush and went to work
14 Feb 2014
New York, New York

The Times Square Hum

A pedestrian island in the middle of world-famous Times Square emits a strange, and purposeful, humming noise
31 Dec 2013
Oakland, California

Bay Bridge Troll

A creepy steel gremlin has protected the Bay Bridge since 1989
25 Dec 2013
Malmö, Sweden

Talking Lamp

20-foot tall lamp mumbles Swedish to celebrate the holidays
23 Dec 2013
Chicago, Illinois

Oz Park

An Oz-themed public park that had a wonderful impact on the surrounding neighborhood
13 Nov 2013
Saguenay, Canada

Pyramide des Ha! Ha!

Despite its name this unique art piece was established to commemorate a tragic flood
13 Nov 2013
Kiev, Ukraine

Peeing Colors in Kiev

When you've got to go, you've got to go
07 Nov 2013
Bandai, India

Bullet Baba Shrine

Liquor and flowers mark a holy site for Indian motorcycle riders
06 Oct 2013
Gdańsk, Poland

Monument to the Defenders of the Polish Post Office

Modern art commemorates one of the first military actions of World War II
02 Oct 2013
Atessa, Italy

The Dragon Rib of Atessa

A preserved dragon's rib that remembers the legend of the founding of the city of Atessa
01 Oct 2013
Poznan, Poland

Poznan June 1956 Monument

An impressive monument to Poland's independence
30 Sep 2013
Sainte-Flavie, Canada

Le Grand Rassemblement - The Grand Gathering

An ever-changing gathering of crude wooden figures haunts the St. Lawrence River
25 Sep 2013

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