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Call it spook-light, ghost-light, pwca, will-o-the-wisp, will-o-wisp, gu? hu?, corpse candles, faeu boulanger, hobby lanterns, pixy-lights, Hinkypunk, Batakl?k yakamozu, salamander, boi-tatá, hitodama, min-min, santelmo, mystery lights, or simply "creepy and mysterious floating light seen at night," they all belong here.

Gurdon, Arkansas

The Gurdon Light

A mysterious light floating in the trees of Gurdon, Arkansas may be a piezoelectric effect
14 Oct 2013
Rome, Italy

Keats-Shelley Memorial House

Museum dedicated to literary greats of the Romantic Period is also the home in which Keats met his untimely end
19 Feb 2013
Val della Torre, Italy

The Stele of Mount Musinè

A mysterious stele of unknown origin sits on the peak of this curious mountain.
27 Jun 2012
Holtålen, Norway

Hessdalen AMS

Research station devoted to mysterious floating lights seen in a Norwegian valley
21 Jun 2012
Lynn, Massachusetts

Dungeon Rock

A cave dug by a man directed by ghosts to find pirate treasure
23 May 2012
Rochester, New York

The White Lady's Castle

An old dining hall now serves up ghost stories for lusty locals
10 May 2012
Kangra, India

Jwala Ji Temple of Kangra

Eternal flame said to be a Hindu Goddesses fiery tounge
13 Mar 2012
Chaudeyrolles, France

Burle Triangle

A snowy highland notorious for unexplained aircraft crashes is France's own Bermuda Triangle
23 Jul 2011
Silverado, California

Black Star Canyon

The site of murders and Satanic cult gatherings
19 Jul 2010
Joplin, Missouri

The Ozark Spooklight

A mysterious light of unknown origin on the backroads of Missouri
21 Sep 2009
Marfa, Texas

Marfa Lights

Mysterious glowing orbs float through the desert night
07 Aug 2009
Bruce Crossing, Michigan

Paulding Light

A mysterious light in the wood, rumoured to be the the ghost of a railroad brakeman.
16 Jun 2009

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