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Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi Zoological Museum - Bao tang Dong vat

A French-Colonial era collection of taxidermy and wet specimens, secreted away in the National University of Hanoi
29 Dec 2015
Vienna, Austria

Naturhistorisches Museum

Beautiful Austrian natural history museum with carved ceilings and row after row of ancient taxidermy
25 Dec 2013
Seattle, Washington

Dandelion Botanical Company

Essence of hound's tongue and tincture of bloodroot are just the tip of the herbalist iceberg at this beautiful, impressively-stocked apothecary
12 Aug 2013
London, England

Horniman Museum and Gardens

A Victorian natural history and ethnographic museum with wonderful turn-of-the-century, science-book-esque evolution displays
01 Aug 2013
Unterseen, Switzerland

Naturhistorisches Museum

Natural history museum displaying a famous taxidermied St. Bernard
28 Jul 2013
Monaco, Monaco

Oceanographic Museum

Museum celebrating the ocean, with the largest wunderkammer dedicated to sea exploration
25 Jul 2013
Portland, Oregon

Zymoglyphic Museum

Private collection of art inspired by cabinets of curiosity
13 Jun 2013
Nahia, Egypt

The Aquarium Grotto Garden

A strange aquarium with stuffed fish, and almost no water for them to swim in
04 Jun 2013
Taito, Japan

Sougenji Kappa-Dera Temple

Shrine to Japanese water-goblins, complete with their preserved body parts
02 Jun 2013
Paris, France

Cabinet of Joseph Bonnier de La Mosson

Hidden away in a modern library are the remains of one of the 18th century's most celebrated wunderkammers
26 May 2013
Salzburg, Austria

Dom Museum's Kunst und Wunderkammer

The amazing wonder cabinets of a very rich Austrian archbishop
22 May 2013
Banff, Canada

Banff Merman

A mysterious taxidermy man-beast of the seven seas
14 May 2013
Bournemouth, England

Memento Mori Oddities Shop

A genuine Little Shop of Horrors
08 May 2013
Betanzos, Spain

Parque del Pasatiempo

The remains of an encyclopedic sculpture garden later used as an internment camp
16 Apr 2013
New York, New York


Tiny museum housed in a New York freight elevator specializes in the "overlooked, dismissed, or ignored"
11 Apr 2013
Copenhagen, Denmark

Geological Museum

Museum on earth sciences featuring a recreation of a famous curiosity cabinet
29 Mar 2013
Carrabelle, Florida

World's Smallest Police Station

This phone booth-sized municipal building has been a piece of police property for more than half a century
08 Mar 2013
Vienna, Austria

Kunstkammer Wien

The Habsburgs' royal collections of art and wonders
08 Mar 2013

Götan Maailma

A lovingly curated curio shop in which the taxidermy wear newspaper party hats, and peanut shells are spread across every surface
06 Feb 2013
Hartford, Connecticut

Museum of Natural and Other Curiosities

A wunderkammer hidden on the top floor of the Hartford statehouse
28 Jan 2013
Saint-Ouen, France

Alain Baroux's Antique Curiosity Cabinet

An antique curios dealer and hybrid taxidermist
12 Dec 2012
Berlin, Germany

Design Panoptikum

A surreal museum of extraordinary industrial objects
10 Dec 2012
Helsingfors, Finland

Helsinki University Museum 'Arppeanum'

A collection of collections ranging from dentistry to minerals, all housed in the beautiful 1869 Arppeanum building
09 Dec 2012
Saint-Ouen, France

Francois Daneck's Colonial Concept

Collection of antique taxidermy and natural specimens, near one of Paris's oldest flea markets
07 Nov 2012
Saint-Ouen, France

Pierre Bazalgues Macabre Antique Stand

Skeletons, medical artifacts, and other obscure and precious treasures all displayed in a wooden pharmacist's cabinet
07 Nov 2012
Marshall, Michigan

American Museum of Magic

Largest magic museum in the United States with more than half a million pieces of memorabilia
22 Jul 2012
Brooklyn, New York

Morbid Anatomy Museum

A museum devoted to bringing to light forgotten or neglected histories through exhibitions, education and public programming.
12 Jul 2012
Dover, New Hampshire

Woodman Institute Museum

A museum dedicated to "science, history and the arts" little changed since 1915
08 Jul 2012
Paris, France

Museum of Hunting and Nature (Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature)

Dedicated to the art of hunting, with juxtapositions of contemporary art
11 Jun 2012

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