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Morehead, Kentucky

DeHart's Bible and Tire

Bizarre and inspired combination store selling only two items: tires and bibles 

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A frequent item on roadside attraction lists for many years, is DeHart's Bible & Tire.

In the blink-and-you'll-miss-it town of Hay's Crossing just outside of Morehead, Kentucky, DeHart's Bible & Tire occupies a commercial niche most people would never even think of - as its name implies, the store sells bibles and tires, and that's all.

The humble concrete structure has caught the eye of many travelers through Kentucky's eastern back roads on US Route 60 at the intersection with KY-174 (Haldeman Road). Rumors swirl about the store closing up or even being demolished, but as of 2009, the business is still operating, and as always, still selling bibles and tires.

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