Hanging Lake

Crystal clear lake with a shoreline of travertine located in a Colorado canyon


1,000 feet up the steep walls of Glenwood Canyon there hides away a basin full of water the color of Paris Green, waterfalls roaring near the fragile shoreline of travertine, the bottom of the lake fully visible through crystal clear waters.

Discovered by a gold hunting prospector, Hanging Lake was a private homestead and family retreat until falling into the hands of Glenwood Springs in 1910. Protected by the White River Forest Service, this is a popular stop for those willing to take a short but steep hike to see the trout-filled, glacially formed watery haven seemingly suspended from the side of the canyon.

Just a few hundred yards behind Hanging Lake is yet another waterfall, Spouting Rock, which jets through holes in the canyon walls.

  • Address
    Hanging Lake, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, 81601, United States
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The lake is reached via a trailhead located near I-70 in the bottom of the canyon. The trail follows Dead Horse Creek, a tributary of the Colorado River and ascends some 1,000 feet
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