Lennon Wall

Despite attempts by local police to discourage it, Beatles-inspired graffiti has been a means for artists to air grievances for decades


Tucked away into a nondescript street away from the touristy hustle and bustle that usually pervades Prague, the Lennon Wall takes your breath away. Every inch of the wall has been filled with Lennon-inspired graffiti and Beatles song lyrics. It is a quiet, almost respectful space as visitors walk down the length of the beautifully painted wall. 

An image of John Lennon was first painted on the wall (opposite the French Embassy) after his murder in December 1980. Soon, it became a prime site for political and Beatles-inspired graffiti and a sounding board for disgruntled youth. Several attempts were made by the police to whitewash the wall, but in vain. Artists continued to paint on the wall, refusing to be pinned down.

The wall is the property of the Knights of Malta, and after repeated attempts to keep the wall clean, they finally gave in and the wall now stands in all its graffiti-ed glory.

The wall was white-washed in 2014 with the accumulated art being replaced by the single sentence, "Wall is Over." However, tags and graffiti have already started to reappear in the blank space.  

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