Cantón Baños, Ecuador

Swing at the End of the World

A single swing that will hang you over the edge of the world


Deep in the Ecuadorian wilderness is a seismic monitoring station known as Casa del Arbol or "The Treehouse" because it is simply a small house built in a tree used for observing Mt. Tungurahua, the active volcano in the near distance.

While the simple wooden room is a sight to behold, the real attraction is the crude swing hanging from one of the tree's skinny branches. With no harness, net, or any other safety feature the swing (itself nothing more than a thick stick suspended by two ropes) arcs riders out into the void over the canyon.

Adventurous visitors are welcome to take a ride on the swinging seat, but swingers should be aware that it is their own responsibility to not to accidentally fling themselves into the void. 

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    Casa del Arbol, Cantón Baños, Ecuador
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Hike up the path to the Bellavista Cloud Forest Viewpoint from Baños (3-hour hike, less than 1 km)
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