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Chaves, Brazil

Victoria Amazonica

Queen of the waterlilies, so big and strong it can support the weight of a human 

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This gigantic waterlily, also known as Victoria amazonica, can be found in the waters of the Amazon. At a stunning growth rate of six inches per day, this waterlily is a shocking display of botanic wonder. The leaves are said to be strong enough to support a human, and can grow up to seven feet in diameter.

Because of the conditions needed for the Victoria amazonica to grow, they are rarely found to survive more than a year outside of the Amazon. They thrive in hot, humid weather, and as the waters in the Amazon rise and fall, the stems must grow to keep up with the change.

In addition to magnificent leaves, the flowers that are produced bloom in the night blooming and scent the air. Female flowers, which are white, turn into male, pink flowers and are pollinated by beetles.

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