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Knokke-Heist, Belgium


A garden of flying flowers (Now Closed) 

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Belgium is home to hundreds of butterfly gardens, or Vlindertuin. In Knokke-Heist's Vlindertuin three hundred different butterflies from all over the world fly free for the enjoyment of visitors. Spectators will see the insect in all stages of its life as the butterflies mate frequently due to their short life-span. Though normally self-guided, a Vlindertuin guide can point out all different types of butterflies as well as their favorite plants to snack or sleep on.

These butterfly parks became popular in England during the 1970s catering to the rekindled British love of nature and greenhouses. Since these times, live butterfly gardens have sprung up all over the world. If planning to visit, it is suggested to wear bright or light colors and a mild floral perfume so as to entice the butterflies to alight on your person.

Sadly the garden closed its doors on October 3, 2010. It shall be missed.

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