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Cayman Islands

Wreck of the Teignmouth Electron

The decaying remains of a ship whose captain mysteriously disappeared  

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This 40-foot ship has been left to rot on the beach of Cayman Brac, a reminder of the strange disappearance of its owner. 

Donald Crowhurst built the Teignmouth Electron for a round-the-world yacht race. Yet when the ship was found drifting in the Atlantic in 1969, Crowhurst was nowhere to be found. Based on the increasingly bizarre log entries found on the ship, it's believed that due to sailing troubles he left the race and started reporting false positions, and eventually jumped overboard to drown. 

The ship then had several different owners, until it was left to decay in the Cayman Islands.

Know Before You Go

Near the Kidco Dock, on the beach

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